How to Maintain Your Butane Torch

4 Steps to to maintain your butane torch

1. Use quality butane
 - Good butane will burn clean and keep the jets on the torch cleaner.
 - I suggest buying butane that has been refined 3-5 times or more. You will be able to find this info on the side of the can.

2. Purge torch of all butane and air before filling and refilling
 - When your torch is new its gas chamber is filled with air, this air need to be purged before you fill your torch will butane. If you don't you run the risk of your torch going out after a couple seconds of being lit because the air isn't as flammable as the butane it's mixed with. 
 - You can purge your torch every time you refill but doing it every 2-3 refills will be fine. Doing this will keep your torch flame strong and you won't have to refill your tank as often. 

3. Don't torch too close.
 - This can cause carbon build up or debris on your banger to get blown back in the jets and clog them.
 - If you do get something in the jets and your torch isn't burning properly you can try to blow in the jets lightly to get any loose debris out. If they are a little more dirty you can buy a can of compressed air. Put the extension down into the jets at a 45 degree angle and give it a couple good blats of air.

4. Use your torches
 - Torches and lighters need to be used every so often so the torch can function properly and keep the jets clean.

How to refill torch:
1. Purge your torch of all butane and air. Take your torch outside and run it open until there is no more flame. After that leave the gas running until can't hear and butane or air leaving the tank. 
2. Make sure the gas is turned off and flip the torch upside down. (this is normally were the fill nozzle is on the torche) 
3. Take the butane can and put the nozzle vertically into the fill hole. The tank wont fill up immediately, be patience and continue filling until small amounts of butane start to come from the fill hole. Some bigger torches can take up to 15-20 second to completely fill.
4. After you fill the tank let the butane settle for a couple minuets so it has a chance to get to room temp and settle in the tank. 

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Drew Tounsand

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