Curious about Quartz Inserts and Dab Pearls? Here's a quick guide!

 There's a lot of hype going around about the quartz inserts and pearls/beads for a few reasons, they help keep your banger cleaner and allow for better distribution of heated quartz for larger dabs. It's also a convenient way to turn any Import quartz banger into a Hybrid while having similar heat retention and lasting quality of an American Banger with the added option of replacing them at a fraction of the cost of a new banger. If you're looking to try out the Quartz Dab Pearls for the first time, they are a cheap option for getting the heat spread throughout your banger to vaporize completely at a low temp. If you want the ultimate heat retention and durability for low temp dabs, combining the Black Market Quartz Insert with Pearls and any of the Black Market Quartz Banger's will give you the best bang for your buck on the market for American Quality Quartz today! 

  Now to start, the thickness of the insert itself is about 1.5mm and the thickness of the Black Market Banger is roughly 3mm thick so there's no problem with dropping it into the banger itself at a short distance from the top so you don't burn your fingers. With the Dab Pearls, you want to keep those in your banger while torching and if your using them in an insert they will be small enough to intake the heat with the insert for an even vaporization. The Pearls that we have range from 5-8mm and depends on the size of Banger that you have or if you want to use them in your insert or not! We recommend 5mm for inserts or Banger's that are 20-25mm and 6-8mm Pearls for 25mm+ Banger's.

 As far as timing goes, if you're looking to ensure you vaporize every bit of your concentrate you may want to go in on the hotter side. We don't recommend taking "hot" dabs as they do release more carcinogens that are unhealthy to inhale. If you have easy access to dabs and you're taking globs and getting terpy,  we're sure you're all about the low temp heat retention that these inserts can provide you with the right timing, here's the break down from our experience:

~ Black Market Banger w/ Black Market Quartz Insert: Heat for 30 sec, Cool for 5 seconds and drop loaded insert, cap immediately.

~ 2mm Import Banger w/ Black Market Insert: 30 sec Heat up, Immediately drop in loaded insert, cap immediately!

~ 3mm Import Banger w/ Black Market Insert: Heat for 30 sec, Cool for 5 seconds and drop loaded insert, cap immediately.

~ Import Banger w/ Import Insert: Heat for 40 sec, Cool for 5 seconds and drop loaded insert, cap immediately. (Import inserts are about 2.5mm thick)

After spending time with the Banger and Insert combo we noticed with many different set ups if you inhaled to hard the extract can spill over and burn onto the hotter outer layer of quartz and your banger can get dirty requiring further cleaning. 

 With all of that info to grasp, it really makes the difference when it comes to using an insert in your banger weather it be an American or Import! Have fun with a few inserts that you can get for the price of one banger to experiment with or grab the American Quartz combo if you're experienced and looking for quality Quartz from a very competitive Glass Studio out of Portland, Oregon. 




Forgive me, I am not grasping what it is you explained what the pearls. I may not have a clear enough head to absorb, if you know what I mean!! Do you leave the pearls in the banger and they heat up with the heating of the banger itself? Do you put the pearl in the insert and drop it in? If that’s the case how does it get warm? Thank you for understanding, and all of your other most awesome information you provide in your blogs. Keep it up!!

Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

I’ll def have to try all these out and experience the difference! Sounds like a fun day lol thanks for all the info!

Kathleen ellis

Kathleen ellis

Wow first time here but I’ll have to go read some more articles as I’ve never learned much in such detail, nor have I put much thought into how long to hear it to wait a few seconds and especially taking consideration the thickness/material. Now I feel a bit more advanced lol thanks 😊

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