A look at the Tochi Torch alternative the Wagner 750 Heat Gun

A new product hit hit the market recently called the Tochi that was advertised as an electronic torch that holds perfect temps to heat your banger to just the right temperature without any cool down or guessing timers. This until retailed for $500. While a really cool idea the price point quickly got dabbers trying other methods to replicate the Tochi. The most common being the Wanger 750 Heat Gun.  Alex spent some time with one and here are his thoughts on using one in replacement of a traditional torch and nail. 

I have seen a few people on Instagram using the Wagner 750 heat gun to heat up their bangers so I thought I would give it a try. (@babiesdonttalk) did a short tutorial on how he has his set up and I just went from there to find the right heat for my banger and the size dab I want. It took me about 8-10 dabs to get a good heat setting for what size dabs I was doing, started at 880 and went up from there. I have found that with the set up I am using 800-830 degrees is a good setting, 800 is a good temp if you looking for maximum flavor. I like to use the curved deflector nozzle attachment that come with the heat gun. You can use the attachment for both angle cut and flat top bangers. If you use it for a flat top you will need to do more bending of the attachment to get the banger to fit. I haven’t seen anyone using the attachments but I think it gives the banger a more even and thorough heat.

- No burnt or chazed banger and easy to use for novice smoker (friends who don’t dab can’t chaze your banger)
- No open flame
- One time purchase, no butane to buy (similar price of cheaper than most nice torches)
- Comes with attachments that can direct heat better on banger
- Heat temp changes with 10 degree increments allowing you to dial in that perfect temp

- Needs to be plugged in and
- Has to run fan on high to cool down to prevent heating element getting burnt out (can be annoying to some people)
- Different heats for different bangers (have to learn each one)
- Need a table top space to use and if don't have a raised surface you will need to hold the rig at the correct height for at least 1 min till banger is fully heated up (probably biggest down fall)
- Doesn't keep temp or fan settings

Current set up:
Fan Speed lowest speed
800-830 Degrees depending on the size of dab
Curved deflector nozzle attachment (you can easily bent the attachment to fit the type of banger you are using) 
XL Evan shore angle cut banger (the banger in the photos is a 24mm Black market quartz banger flat top)
Time: 1:30-2:00 minute heat up time ( I have a 150mm x 150mm scissor lift that I got off amazon that you can adjust to any height up to 10 inches, this will work for almost any rig.)
Once heat time is up immediately ready to dab!

Overall thoughts and Impressions
Since I got the heat gun I don’t use my torch very much, unless it’s for a quick reheat or to clean my dabber. I mostly smoke at home, if I was leaving the house I would take my torch. I like the way the heat gun heats up the banger and I don’t have to refill, purge, or buy much butane for my torch. I also like not having to wait a minute plus until you have to dab. Another plus is the heat gun doesn’t get hot enough to chaz your banger so there is no way that a friend or someone at a sesh could chaz your banger.

The cool down is something that could be seen as a down fall, cooling down the heat gun is essential for the heat gun to last. Once you hit the on/off button the fan will run on high and shut off automatically once its cooled down, its takes about two minuets. The biggest down fall is if you don’t have something to set your rig up on you will have to hold it up to the heat gun until the banger hot. Sometime you can set the heat gun a little hotter and it will reduce the heat up time. I would say that you should get something to hold your rig up and you will have a better experience.

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robert lewis

robert lewis

slick idea thanks.

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