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  All of us here at BWG have a life time of combined years of smoking and we can tell you one thing: Cheap hand pipes rock!

Like with all glass, a cheap Import pipes will, most of the time, not compare to a cheap American pipe and these hand pipes can actually last you a lot longer than more expensive and easier to break pieces. We have some cheap hand pipes here under $40 that we have listed to hopefully help you with your choice and maybe drop a little knowledge for you!


 This Chameleon Glass Amazeballs Sandblasted Honeycomb Hand Pipe is a perfect first example of a great cheap pipe, featuring 3 marbles and a double maria for extra grip! The sandblasting, on any pipe, does make it a little less durable but if you're someone who is always very careful with their pipes then this one will last you ages!

 The Chameleon Glass Weed Whacker Frit Chillum Hand Pipe covers a lot of ground by being an awesome option for the sneaky toker looking for a cheap pipe! The Frit that is applied to the inside of this pipe really gives it the extra durability to allow you have a few mistakes. Just don't throw it on accident!

  Now it's time for the smallest cheap hand pipe that will really give you your bang for your buck! Made here in Oregon, this Mountain Jam Glass Mini Raked Hammer Hand Pipe can really fit almost anywhere and has a decent sized bowl to pack your herbs in. This is one of our top favorites in the category for sure!

 As we stay in Oregon we stay with more made by Chasteen Glassworks this Orange Wig Wag Chillum Hand Pipe is a great option for someone looking to fit a party bowl into there pockets! This cheap chillum features a lot of wig wag work and 3 dot marbles so it doesn't slip out of your fingers!
 Lastly and at the highest end of the category is the Mathematix Glass Conch Shell Hand Pipe. This beautiful pipe is definitely durable, but you also have to take note not to bang the sculpted part of the shell that holds this pipe up! The fuming and color wrapping at the top does a great job at mimicking a real conch shell!

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Kathleen Ellis

Kathleen Ellis

These ate all great. My fave is the top one with chameleon glass and the standard hand pipe style. I’d probably make it my everyday piece 💙💚💙

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