A beautiful variety of work from mini rigs to Sherlock's and functional pendants!

 We couldn't help to take a nice group shot of our last pick up from Darth Silicate and do our part to inform you all about these excellent functional pendants, Sherlock's and Mini Rig gems that we were lucky to find out here in Oregon and add to our list of Artists! 


 This Heavy Blue Stardust pendant has to be the most popular color so far and it's easy to see why. Featuring a bale, for a loop of your personal choice, so that you can put this around you or someone you really care about's neck. They also have working carbs and have a single Maria on the neck for a comforting grip. These are also the most affordable version of this artists line of Sherlock Pendant's and we have them in a variety of colors! 


 Next in line are essentially the same size of Sherlock Pendant as above, but with some added wig wag work wrapped around the bowl of the pipe! Every color that we have features unique wig wag designs and combo's but will be consistent in size and most of all, quality. 

 Featuring the new Seriously CFL color!

 Now we are getting Headier as we move onto the bigger and artsier versions of  the Sherlock pendant's. These two are the only style and size of Sherlock Pendant that we currently have so we had to show them both off! Each pendant hand pipe features a complimentary marble that doubles as a kick stand and extra grip for comfort. They both have CFL colors as their base color and a bale loop allowing you to wear it as a pendant! The orange one on the left has a base of Thomas transparent orange mixed with some CFL terps. The terps color changes from yellow to orange under different lighting. The one on the right has an awesome wig wag wrapped around the bowl and the base color called "siriusly". It changes from purple to green, these colors are really fun to mess around with and you don't need a black light!

 The last style is the Headiest style of the Darth Silicate Sherlock's that we have as of this post. This color combo is meant to give you an Icy feeling, cooling your thoughts before they go up in smoke! We'll say that next to the flawless shaping and design, the work and wig wag techniques that are in play here really make this pipe stand out from the rest.



 In the opposite Heady corner, we have these really neat and unique directional flow carb caps! Each cap is consistent with it's ability to push puddles around in any regular or most XL banger's. The only inconsistency is one that plays in it's favor and that is the unique shape and wig wag work that goes into each cap. Have your pick or pick em all and enjoy them just the same!


  Now for the real shiners of the bunch, this mini jammer launches our minds into place where stardust is just a reach away! The wig wag shield that is welded onto the rig also features Illuminati that was worked in between the lines, the same technique is applied to the wig wag that is wrapped around the bottle shaped body. Along with it's main Blue Stardust color, this rig also features a 10mm UV reactive Lucy joint that is veined with Illuminati and the Lucy color continues down onto the 3 hole diffy fixed downsteam. *Recommend to be used as a Dab Rig.


  If you're looking for functional art where will find something new every time you look at it, stop here! Nightshade is the color behind all of the intricate work wrapping around the base, mid section and mouthpiece of this rig. Featuring a 45 degree 10mm joint and fixed 3 hole diffy, each section has a unique combo of wig wag and colors working together to make this beauty unique from top to bottom. *Recommend to be used as a Dab Rig.


 Known as the Half Blood Vessel, this rig does not allow any water to touch your lips whatsoever due to it's 10 mm removable two hole spinner downstem being pointed downwards along the curve of the base! Watch (in amazement) through the Wig Wag over Fumed window, as the white smoke fills and the water spins like a washing machine providing perfect function for optimal flavor. *Recommend to be used as a Dab Rig.


  Last but certainly not least, is the Peach mini rig that actually has a 14mm joint unlike it's 10mm counter parts. The worked wig wag joint doubles as a deep reclaim catcher for a very easy and rewarding cleaning experience while keeping this rig cleaner for a noticeably longer time than usual. There is also a very thin line of Illuminati that traps the wrapped work that stands out on the mid section of the body. Standing at a little under five inches the three hole diffy provides great diffusion and flavor! *Recommend to be used as a Dab Rig. 

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