The Fresh Shapes and Function of HVY Glass

We were just thinking about the different functions, shapes and colors from this last batch of HVY Glass that we received and also what they have to offer for your smoking pleasures/experience! Let us share: 

 Starting from the left, we have the Fumed 10 Inch Curved water pipe. This bong is perfect for blocking any back splash whatsoever. It's essentially a straight with some curves that work in it's favor and flavor. Like most HVY this size its got a 14mm glass on glass downstem that's gritted to add diffusion cooling your smoke! 

Next we have the standard Straight that is color wrapped in Blue with white waves! If you are a fan of the ocean than this is little water pipe you will enjoy! I enjoy straights because of the flavor that you get and the fact that they are just awesome and simple the way that they are! They are also easy to clean, which is always nice!!

HVY Glass 10 In Double Bubble Water Pipe Fumed

Third in line, we have this nicely fumed 10 inch Double Bubble Bottom bong. These beauties chug from the extra water that you can hold, and with an extra bubble for your smoke! We recently tested out one of these and can speak from first hand experience they offer a cool old school smoking experience.  


HVY Glass Showerhead Bent Neck Water Pipe

Now for the eye catcher and more scientific side of HVY Glass. This Shower Head to Bent Neck Water pipe gives you great filtration and a bent neck that houses and cools the extra smoke off before pulling the slide! Clear is the way to go for these pipes that are enjoyable watching the function happen! The Shower Head perc has a bunch of flame polished cuts in the glass that slice the bubbles to pieces booth cooling and increasing airflow thus reducing drag. 

Moving into the Beaker section here! Beakers are great for having the best of both worlds as far as water level and flavor. If you're using these for concentrates, you can tip them back with a lower water level for optimum flavor and just a little extra chug! If you're using these for flower, it has the room for the desired high water level you're looking for. These Color wrapped beakers vary in color and never stress to impress.

Our second to last peice and also the second beaker in this bunch; A bigger and wider version of the classic beakers, this Worked Flower design adds a nice little touch to the beast of a bong this is. HVY Glass Beaker's are an essential for anyone looking for an all around bong that is we price just right!

Last but not least, a popular design by HVY Glass. These Color Coiled Bent Neck Water Pipes are A little smaller but are a perfect hybrid for flower and concentrate! Not to mention the awesome technique of coiling and wrapping the color to get these intricate patterns, the removable downstems are perfect for easy cleaning!


Well, that's it folks! This shipment of HVY Glass really shows the variety that these artists have. Each bong is unique with function and serves a specific purpose. This also goes for every other company that makes these style bongs and/or bubbler's. Thanks for reading, and hopefully you've learned something new today!


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