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No Label Glass Color Spiral Hand Pipe

$9.95 from $8.95

Due to the unique handcrafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos but there will be slight artistic variations. Comes in assorted colorsSize: 3.50" (long) x 1.50" (wide)Artist: No Label GlassMade in India
Stealthy Bullet Hand Pipe


Stealthy bullet that converts into a small metal hand pipe.Size: 3.00" x 0.50" (wide)Made in China
No Label Glass Glass Blunt Hand Pipe

$13.95 $9.99

The style and color patter will be the same but the colors will vary. If you would like add the colors your prefer in the order comments we will do our best to get the color you want! Size: 5.00" (long) x .75" (wide)Artist: No label glassMade in China
No Label Fumed Chunk Glass Hand Pipe

$19.95 $9.99

4.50” long 1.75” wide   Artist: No Label Glass Made in India 
BWG Mini Stocking Stuffer Hand Pipe Gift Set


Grab yourself or a friend an awesome stocking stuffer. Includes an Imported hand pipe, screens and a candy cane to enjoy after your smoke.Whats included:3-4" Peanut pipePack of screensCandy caneMade in China
Goo Roo Designs Fumed Ernie Hand Pipe


Classic Ernie fumed hand pipe, smoke a bowl and watch as the fuming changes color!Size: 4.00" (long) x 1.75" (wide)Artist: Ernie GlassMade in Oregon
No Label Glass Blue Dichro Chillum Hand Pipe

$16.95 $13.95

Blue and dichro spiral colored chillum that is a perfect travel pipe!Size: 3.25" (long) x 1.00" (wide)Artist: No label glassMade in China
Double Bowl Metal Hand Pipe


Size: 3.00" (long) x 2.00" (wide) Made In China
Chameleon Glass Mini Steamroller Hand Pipe


The mini steamroller by chameleon glass is the perfect on the go pipe. At just 3 inches it would fit in any coin pocket of your jeans or in a small purse. It has two little clear feet to keep it from rolling around and is made in Arizona. Size: 3.00"...
Miles Ceramics Ceramic Pocket Hand Pipe


A pipe that fits perfectly in your pocket and adds some extra peace to your surroundings!  Height: 3"  Base: 1.75"Artist: Miles CeramicsMade in Washington
No Label Glass Fumed Chillum Hand Pipe

$17.95 $14.95

Awesome fumed chillum, watch it change color the more you smoke!Size: 3.00" (long) x 0.50" (wide)Artist: No label glassMade in China
Goo Roo Designs Small Steamroller Hand Pipe


Each pipe is 32mm wide and comes with color dots to keep it from rolling around! Great for traveling or hiking, made right here in Portland Oregon. Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos...
Chameleon Glass Pacifier Puffer Hand Pipe


Simple and small fumed spoon. Watch it change colors as you smoke! Size: 3.25" (long) x 1.50" (wide)Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
No Label Glass Sliding Wooden Hand Pipe


Features a recessed metal bowl, a sliding cover, and flat-bottomed design. Great Affordable pipe!Size: 4.25" (long)Made in China
Chameleon Glass Pond Life Chillum Hand Pipe - Baby Frog


Size: 3.25" (long) x .5" (wide)Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona

Showing: 1 - 15 of 276

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