Behind the Bong: C2 Custom Creations EST. 1994

You all know the brand, their amazing detail to quality and craftsmanship, along with the awesome percs they have designed like the ratchet perc but here is some of the story you might not know! How C2 Custom Creations came to be.

Mike and his father opened up shop back in 1994 in the north Hollywood area of southern California. Mike’s father, a lifetime glass blower started his craft when he was only 17 years old in Russia. This is where mike learned his skills and techniques that they used to make laboratory apparatus’s during the early years of the company. Their love of cannabis was a natural transition into making pipes and bongs. When they first transitioned into making pieces they went under the name Hi-Tech Glass while also producing quartz products. In addition they made pipes and bongs for other bong companies.

In 2006 Mike and his father made their best decision yet by deciding to sell and market their own brand, this is where the name C2 Custom Creations was born. During this time they innovated and pushed the production glass boundaries by creating their own unique percs like the ratchet, barrel, and tray. Through the years C2 has refined and created a really solid glass line that appeals to anyone’s smoking preferences. In March of 2016 Mike’s father passed but they managed to pull through and continue to thrive in the industry.

Today they are making unique and in function, form and quality that not many other companies can compete with. C2 only uses German Schott tubing and Schott or Lenze joints for their clear line while making everything in house by their skilled employees. This is less common in this industry than you would think. Recently they started to add color back into their production line. Using American colored tubing pulled by Greasy Glass, PDX tubing Company, Trautman Art Glass, Glass Alchemy, and using Northstar Glass for their color rods. These high quality American colors have added a fresh look to the clean clear production line that C2 has been known for years.

c2 custom creations bong

C2’s innovation has been one of the reasons they have been so successful and well known. From their classic 50mm single ratchet to the newer daisy jet and sprocket perc they all have the perfect blend of function and aesthetic appeal. Although C2s has been known for their innovation they still have classic styles of beakers and bell bottoms that have been staples in the industry for decades.

Next we wanted to talk a little more about a couple of C2 pipes that have been customer favorites.

First is the classic 50mm single ratchet, standing right at ten inches tall with a reinforced bent neck that give it a sturdy feel. It features a 50mm wide can with a single ratchet perc that gives great diffusion and minimal drag. On the bottom it has a three and a half inch wide extra thick base keeps the pipe weighted well and prevents it from getting knocked over.

c2 custom creations ratchet bubbler bong

The second pipe I want to talk about is C2’s new bent neck sprocket bubbler. It has the same reinforced bent neck like the previous pipe but the can is shaped like a double tier cake. The perc is flared out and welded to the bottom allowing the bubbles to stack up the can. This pipe is original and almost always first to sell! I could talk about a bunch more pipes but this is just a small look into how everything C2 makes is well-functioning and quality pipe.

C2 Custom Creations Sprocket Bubbler

Since the first two pipes I talked about were on the smaller size I wanted to talk about some bigger bongs C2 makes. The daisy jet is one of the pipes that has been a favorite in the shop. As you can see from the picture below its unique perc design throws the water around the can causing a cool churning motion while providing great diffusion. The perc is reinforced to the bottom and a nice wide base provides a super stable pipe. Standing at 16 inches tall this pipe is made for some serious smoking. We have them available in clear or with heady color accents!

The next pipe I wanted to talk about is a massive 80mm circ perc. This perc provides a nice low drag with great diffusion at low or high water levels. Like all of c2’s pipes the circ perc is reinforced and large can gives plenty space for any sized hit. The 18mm joint allows for high air flow and the bent neck helps with any potential splash up the neck. The bubbler shape makes it easy the hit out of and keeps it compact but it packs a punch!

If you are looking for a beginner bong or something epic that you and your friends can sesh with C2 is the brand to check out. C2 Custom Creation runs their company with professionality and reliability it makes working with their products fun and easy and our customers love it! Brothers with Glass has been proudly selling the C2 Glass line since 2012 and have been very excited to be adding new color drops to the site! 


Kayla Coleman

Kayla Coleman

The designs and detail to these are outstanding! I love them! I loved reading about some of the history!



Love my chameleon glass pipes from brothers with glass, had the best prices on the best pieces that I’ve been able to find!

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