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Curious who really made your glass? What country it was really made in? Here is a list of companies that are known to import china made glass or have not been able to prove that they manufacture glass in the USA or openly admit to being imported.

The below companies failed to provide shop pictures and or videos of them making the actual products they sell as being made in the USA.


Claim to be made in USA:

Alien Flower Monkey
American Revolution Glassworks
Beta Glass Labs
Black Leaf
Bio Hazard Glass
Cream Glass
Dabbin Aladdin
Dank Gals
Diamond Glass
Glass lab 303
Honey Supply Glass
Illuminati Glass
Juicy Glass
Killa Glass
Pulse Glass
The Glasstronauts
AMG Glass
Col Glass

Admit to being imported:

Blaze Glass
Cheech and Chong
Grav Labs
Monarch Glass
Sesh Supply
Snoop Dogg Pounds
Weed Star
Clover Glass
Mother Nature
Dank Glass
Hoss Glass

List updated: 7/28/2017

Please post a comment below if there is a brand of glass you were curious about and we will add them to the list if need be. 

The above brands or arist either openly admit their glass is manufactured in China or they have not been able to prove that they have a studio by posting public picture of their shop that proved there are indeed manufacturing glass in the USA.

We also recommend you follow @whoreallymademyglass on Instagram, they have been a good resource for getting to the truth. You can also follow @boromojoglass as he is on a one man crusade to out companies selling glass dishonestly. 

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    I think you should for sure look into Maverick Glass, some of their products are made in china for sure.Thanks for doing this!

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