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Where was your Bong, Bubbler, Dab Rig or Hand Pipe Made? Find out here! - The China Glass List

Curious who really made your glass? What country it was really made in? Here is a list of companies that are known to import china made glass or have not been able to prove that they manufacture glass in the USA or openly admit to being imported. Most of the companies on the list that have not shown their shop have been asked publicly and privately buy us and other businesses and they have chosen to not show any videos proving they have a facility in the United States. 

 The below companies failed to provide shop pictures and or videos of them making the actual products they sell as being made in the USA.

Claim to be made in USA:

Alien Flower Monkey
Maverick Glass
American Revolution Glassworks
Beta Glass Labs
Bio Hazard Glass
Cream Glass
Dabbin Aladdin
Dank Gals
Diamond Glass
Honey Supply Glass
Illuminati Glass
Juicy Glass
Killa Glass
Kings Pipe
The Glasstronauts
AMG Glass
Pulse Glass
Crush Glass 
Col Glass - (out of business)

Admit to being imported:

No Label Glass
Blaze Glass
Black Leaf
Cheech and Chong
Grav Labs
Monarch Glass
Sesh Supply
Snoop Dogg Pounds
Weed Star
Clover Glass
Mother Nature
Dank Glass
Hoss Glass
Glass lab 303
Lava Tech
Pulsar Glass
Famous Brands


Please post a comment below if there is a brand of glass you were curious about and we will add them to the list if need be. 

The above brands or artist either openly admit their glass is manufactured in China or they have not been able to prove that they have a studio by posting public pictures and videos of their shop that proved there are indeed manufacturing glass in the USA.

We cant say for sure if some of these companies are for sure made in China or India but as we said they have not provided proof with so many other companies took no issue with it. Our biggest issue is the companies that are made in America can easily prove it and do on a regular basis. Lots of the companies on the top list only have one or two pictures or videos showing some shop work but they are often times close ups that don't prove anything.

Since the creation of this list a few of the companies have started to openly admit they are made overseas when asked.  

List updated: 8/17/2018



  • Posted on by ryan

    how about silika

  • Posted on by ryan

    how about silica

  • Posted on by Jimtom

    I don’t believe Black Leaf has ever claimed to be American made? They are a German company that will happily tell you where their products are made. Same goes for Blaze Glass. Just trying to help clean up the list. Unless their are other brands with the same name?

  • Posted on by James

    I think you should for sure look into Maverick Glass, some of their products are made in china for sure.Thanks for doing this!

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