The Best American Made Hand Pipes Under $25

Most people think you have to settle for imported glass made in China or India in order to get a cool hand pipe for under $25! But that's just not true, at Brothers with Glass we want you to be able to get a good quality pipe for the right price and have it be made here in America! There are a lot of different factors that go into what makes a hand pipe and they come in all shapes and sizes. All hand pipes will be dry and not require the use of water. At Brothers with Glass we work hard to make sure you have a good selection of American made glass to choose from even if you are only looking to spend under $25. We have worked closely with companies like Chameleon Glass, Goo Roo Designs, Liberty 503 and Mathematix for nearly a decade to provide you with an awesome selection of affordable and sometimes exclusive glass selection. Right now we have over 100 American made designs that are all under $25! Shop the largest online selection of hand pipes in the world! Here are some of our favorite American made hand pipes for under $25!


Liberty Glass 503 Spoon Hand Pipe - Blank

Liberty 503 Glass Hand Pipe

Made right here in Portland, Oregon these spoons are one of the best deals we offer, some of our customers buy these pipes to resell because we have them at such a smoking deal. They are made by Liberty 503 and are blanks before blasting. They range on all kinds of beautiful colors but each one is really cool and a steal for only $14.95 shipped! 


Chameleon Glass Fumed Ash Catcher Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass Spoon Pipe

A Chameleon Glass original design these bad boys have been made in Arizona for a long time! The idea is simple but very effective. The push bowl at the mouthpiece dramatically helps keep the ash out of your mouth. We have these available in a ton of different styles but the classic has always been a loved by our customers. This is a nice thick design that is under $20 shipped to your door!


Goo Roo Designs Goolock Hand Pipe

Goo Roo Designs Sherlock

These bad boy is another pipe made here in Portland! Goo Roo is known for making thick glass and their Goolocks are no different they have a fun and funky sherlock design that fits nice in your hand and and with the extended mouthpiece you don't have to worry about getting ash in your mouth. We have these available in a few different colors. They also have a nice sized bowl in them which makes them great for a big end of day bowl or a sesh with the buddies. Another cool American made sherlock pipe that's only $25 shipped to your door!

Exotic Wood Flipper Hand Pipe

Wood Hand Pipe

Made in America these Exotic wood pipes are not only cool looking but they are durable and stealthy. When folded up they dont look like a pipe, but with a quick flip you have a really nice looking wood hand pipe. They use a range of diffent excitoc woods and are hand made here in the US. 


Chameleon Glass Homeland Chillum

Chameleon Glass Chillum Pipe

You cant get more American than this one haha! This fun red, white and blue chillum is another one from Chameleon Glass. These raked design offers a really cool looking pipe and allows the colors to blend into each other. We also have this style available in a few different colors. These have the perfect sized bowl for a chillum and provide a nice smoking experience. Everybody has to have a chillum in their collection. For on the go smoking they can't be beat. This awesome design is available for only $14.95 with free shipping. 

At BWG we understand that everyone needs a good portable hand pipe in their collection and being portable that means they need to be strong. Buying American made glass means your raw glass is higher quality, the pipe has been properly annealed and the level of craftsmanship is higher. All of those lead to a pipe that will last you a lifetime with proper care! 

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