Top 10 Best Dab Rigs of 2022

Top 10 Best Dab Rigs of 2022

Are you someone that never settles for less than the best? Do substandard things make your blood boil? Well cool off, hot shot. Brothers With Glass is here to save the day! We have meticulously collected and sorted out our top 10 most popular dab rigs so you can skip the timely search and get to what you really want. The best of the best. If you scoop any of these pieces, you’re guaranteed to be happy with your purchase AND the life of the next stoner get together you attend. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list of top 10 dab rigs! 

  1. Zob Glass 75mm Bell Dab Rig – While this piece clocks in at number ten on our list, that doesn’t mean it’s not a winner. In fact, for many, this design is the perfect size and shape. It’s eleven inches tall with thick glass walls so it’s durable and its wide base means it’s not likely to fall over. Its gridded 18mm down stem offers intense percolation as well as ease of cleaning. Zob Glass makes a ton of heaters in the dab rig world and this bell design is no exception. That’s why it had to make the list. Any dabber would be lucky to add this to their collection. 

9) Zob Glass 12 Inch Zobello Recycler Dab Rig – Speaking of absolute heaters from Zob            Glass, coming in at number nine is this beauty of a recycler. This thing stands at a foot tall but hits like a beast. The function on this one is crazy! It goes from maximum percolation through the Zobello perc in the bottom chamber, through the two arms up top and into the recycler chamber for hits smoother than silk. This piece has a 14mm joint and, like the previous rig, it has 5mm thick glass walls so it’s sturdy AND purdy. 

8) Higher Standards Heavy Duty Inline Dab Rig – Are you often unsatisfied with your dabbing experience? Perhaps that’s because you haven’t elevated yourself to a Higher Standard of glass. This seven-inch tall, angled neck inline perc dab rig may not look like much at first. But you know what they say. It isn’t the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean. By ocean we mean the water in your dab rig and this piece’s inline perc will make sure there is plenty of motion to it with each hit. Maybe it’s time to raise your standards. 

7) Licit Glass 38mm Bent Neck The Shredder Bubbler – Sometimes, you just need to shred. Whatever that may mean to you. Maybe you shred the streets skating or while you’re melting faces with sweet licks on your guitar. The type of shredding we like to do here at Brothers With Glass (besides all our junk mail) is with this Licit Glass bubbler. This thing isn’t called “The Shredder” for nothing. The multi-hole shredder percolation on this eleven-inch piece leaves no bubble undiffused, meaning you get cool hits while looking even cooler with this dope dab rig. Now, let’s get to shredding!

6)  C2 Custom Creations 50mm Showerhead to Ratchet Bong – We know, that was a mouthful. Lucky for you, all this amazing piece will leave you with is perfectly cooled mouthfuls of deliciousness every time you light it up. That’s right! This total beast of a bong / dab rig is designed specifically for cool. In more ways than one, actually. First, it uses its showerhead perc to diffuse your smoke into manageable bubbles. Then it goes one step further, sending those bubbles up through its ratchet perc before the smoke ever reaches your lips. Plus, it looks cool too. With thick glass accents below the joint and on the base, this piece is a hitter and a looker. 

5) No Label Glass Bubble Trap Straight Fab Dab Rig – If you’re looking for a dab rig that looks beautiful, functions amazing, and doesn’t break the bank, you have come to the right place. This straight fab rig by No Label Glass is the perfect addition to any collection. With its unique colors and classy straight fab design, people will think you spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on it when you’ll have the peace of mind that your rig functions as well as the flashy expensive rigs without having to drop a few mortgage payments on it. It stands just over eight inches tall and has a wide base so spills and falls should not happen often. 

4) C2 Custom Creations Sprocket Perc Bong – Looking for something simple yet elegant? Maybe you want something that can sit on your coffee table without looking like it doesn’t belong? Look no further. This sprocket perc bong / dab rig from C2 Custom Creations is a classy, functional piece of modern art. It has a certain simplicity that almost adds to its beauty. Each hit you take from this piece will deliver perfect, cooled hits due to its sprocket (multi hole disk) percolator. Its wide base offers superior stability and its bent neck brings ease of use to its maximum potential. This one broke the top half of the list for a reason. 

3) Goo Roo Designs Tiny Beaker Dab Rig – If you are a dabber on the go, or possibly a camper that enjoys terps with their trailblazing, this dab rig may be just what you’re looking for. It’s small enough to pack up and take with you on a hike or a trip. It’s thick and sturdy enough to handle being taken places. It’s got the perfect amount of room for water in the chamber so that your hits can get cooled off a bit but not so much that they get swallowed up before you ever even taste them. This rig has a multi hole removeable down stem perc that can diffuse a hit with the best of them. 

2) Mathematix Glass Groovy Tube Dab Rig – Hey man, like, look at this trippy Lava Lamp! That’s no Lava Lamp, Larry. It’s my new Groovy Tube dab rig by Mathematix Glass! This thing is awesome for so many reasons. First, I’ll start with the obvious. It looks like a freaking Lava Lamp. Plus, it comes in multiple different sizes and color combinations and it hits like a charm. It comes with a multi hole down stem and a 14mm male joint. The chamber is the perfect size and shape for percolation with little to no splash back. These things are popular for a reason. They look amazing! Even if you don’t use it, it would make a cool piece of art in any home. But you should use it! 

  1. No Label Glass Othership Fab Egg Dab Rig – Here it is! Our most popular dab rig based on your purchases! It’s honestly no surprise that this piece made it all the way to number one. The fab egg design popularized by Mothership became so popular that replica pieces have sprouted up all over the place. However, this one really does hit on a level super close to its multi thousand-dollar counterpart. You can’t beat a cool look with great function and a price that doesn’t leave you lying awake in bed at night, right? This piece hits so smooth you’ll swear you didn’t feel it at all. You know, until you start feeling it.  

There you have it, your top ten dab rig designs here on the Brothers With Glass site. Didn’t find your dream piece in this list? Not to worry! This barely scratched the surface of amazing dab rigs, bongs, hand pipes, accessories, and more that we have available. We’re confident that if you look around, you’ll find the perfect piece for you. Until then, thanks for reading and happy searching! 

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