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Got ya with that title didn't I? Today we are going to be touching on all the different sizes of slides! They come in many forms and its hard to know exactly what will work for you, hopefully this will help. 

Goo Roo Designs, as well as other artists, offer the smallest joint size we carry at BWG. Check out the 9mm grommeted joint for a nice pull and the ultimate drag for those who like a smaller hit and slower, cooler smoke. The mini tube size will ensure less herb being sucked down into the water. Grommet is removable for easy cleaning or while your slide soaks and, rolls right back on.  Lots of colors to choose from and even lengths for varying downstems!

Goo Roo Designs 9mm Grommeted Slide

Below is the next size up in the bong world, the 10mm joint slide from Lisa Glass. Don't let the size fool you, these have a lot to offer with a medium-sized bowl! Many smokers prefer smaller joints without compensating for bowl size.

Lisa Glass

This size of slide is commonly referred to as nano or micro joints, for obvious reasons. Typically people buy these for very small rigs or bongs, and they do the trick! Lisa Glass is one of a few companies that offer great 10mm joints! Kush Glass has some great options. As well as, Goo Roo Designs! 

Now, on to bigger things! Here is the most common joint size, a 14mm! This specific one is from Chameleon Glass. 

Chameleon Glass slide

Check out this fantastic color combo we have available from Chameleon Glass! This is the size joint you will most often see in the glass world, 14mm is a standard across the board. A 14mm screened slide is perfect for just the right size hit in my opinion! You will find that more often than not, your rig or bong will have a 14mm joint but it never hurts to check.

Before we move on to the next size up; it can be hard to tell from a picture, and even harder to tell if what you bought will fit your piece. You may not be sure of the exact joint size for your bong or rig, here is a tip to help identify what size bowl you need! A great trick is to use a Nickel to gauge it. Here is an example of what a 14mm joint looks with a Nickel over the base as well as a 18mm joint.  

18mm and 14mm joint size

Pretty simple trick to measure is, if the joint is on the inside of the dime it's safe to say that it's a 14mm, but if it matches up almost perfectly with the size of the coin, you've got an 18mm! Hope this helps, it's no fun to buy the wrong size slide for your bong. 

We have a cool selection of 18mm slides as well, here's a great option! 

603 glass slide

For all you fish lovers out there, these super awesome fish slides from 603 Glass, come in both 14 and 18mm. Joe Forrestall has a sweet collection of exclusively freshwater and saltwater fish slides, chillums and more!

While we are on the topic of slides, let's talk about sex. There are two different "genders" of joints, Male and Female. The difference is pretty obvious once you see how they work. I made another visual representation to make it easy!

Male vs Female joint

As I'm sure you can see, this is important information to know when you're buying. Getting a female joint without having the proper downstem to go with it, just wont work! As far as function and smoke delivery go, there isn't much of a difference. You will still get a nice hit from either one regardless of if you have a male or female joint! 

One of our newest selection of bowls come from well... Bowlz! 


These are an inventive take on a classic bowl! The motivation for these was to make them as easy to clean as possible. They are held together by magnets and can be pulled apart, so you can run water right through! Give it a little scrub with some Iso and it will look like brand new! The materials used to make these are completely non toxic. Made up of anodized air grade aluminum, the same ingredients that are in most cooking pans! Another pro about these, they are very hard to break. In fact, you'd have to try pretty hard to accomplish that! 

At the end of the day, we all want something that fits and can be easily cleaned. Hopefully one or two of the options we supply caught your eye. 

Thanks for the read! 

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