A quick run down of the Dabbing Accessories you need for a proper Dab

Maybe you've come here visiting our lovely blog because dabbing isn't as fun when you don't have all the proper tools. Or maybe, it's just time to add something new to your dab spread! Don't worry, we've got everything you need. Let's start off with our most popular dabber!

This is a pretty simple but very useful Titanium ball point dabber. For only $11.95 this is a great addition to your accessories! 

Titanium ball point dabber
This little tool can provide a lot! The scoop side is very useful for snagging that extra wax and making sure you can get the excess stirred and back to where it can heat up to its fullest potential. This way you can go for round two! Then we have the ball point side, hence the name! This lil guy is the ideal for grabbing the perfect amount, and delivering it right to your banger. Using tools like these will assure you're getting every pennies worth of your dabs! 


Up next we have something one of a kind! These are hand made dabber holders! You might not think you need one, until you set your dabber down to focus on what's about to get you stoned, and accidentally you set the dabber right on a rare Pokémon card! Oh no, see now you wish you had something as handy as one of these!

Junne Art dabber holder
Made by JunneArt who works here at BWG, these had lots of love poured into them, making each one unique, and special. They have a nice little resting spot for your tools after they are done being used, and it can also double as an ashtray! Hand poured using epoxy resin, these are totally safe from heat and you can easily put out joints without ruining the design. Made locally in Oregon!


Up next we have a total necessity, the banger! Without this where are you planning on putting your dab!? You could try to makeshift something on your own but the quartz way, is the way to go!
Black market quartz banger
This one specifically is from Black Market Glass! Made right here in Oregon, these are a great, high quality option to get that bang for your buck! These quartz bangers are exclusively made using laboratory grade quartz! Not only does this help significantly with the cleaning process, but it also ensures you are going to have a fantastic addition to your dabbing tools family! Having a complete, quality dab rig will have you spinning with joy!


Since we're on the topic of spinning, these spinner caps from El3ctro B are a fantastic option if you love both color, and function.

El3ctro B spinner cap
As you can see, these carb caps have multiple areas for airflow. This will rotate the air as you inhale and help the temperature of your dabs boiling point lower a bit, resulting in a thick vapor and no burnt throats! It creates an effortless stir and will noticeably help save your oil from being wasted. Pair it with the ruby terp pearls, each one of these spinner caps come with a set of two! These gems are made in Jacksonville, Florida.


On to something super fun... Tiny Titty terp pearls! Made in California by Tommy Salami, these would be a jaw dropping addition to your glass collection!
Tommy salami terp pearls
These show stoppers come in matching terp slurp sets, or you can just buy the tiny titty terp pearls...say that 3x fast! Pearls aren't super popular among some stoners, but they do have a pretty useful function! When you use the smaller pearls, mixed with a dab and the right amount of heat, they spin inside the banger to help with the distribution of your wax. It helps the heat spread evenly inside the banger as well! Overall, they are a preference item and can be seen as just unnecessary decoration. However, they can serve a useful purpose. Plus who doesn't want a tiny version of something they love spinning around with their oil?! 


 If you are looking for someone to pick out a dab rig kit for you, you've come to the right place. We offer mystery boxes for up to $100 worth of dabbing accessories and a Rig! If you leave it up to us, you will get a delightful surprise! 

Mystery Box brotherswithglass
We offer mystery boxes for weather you prefer to smoke flower or concentrate! Items for each box are picked to order, and you will get best combination for your money. We have an experienced staff that knows what stoners are looking for! Take a chance on us, we will do our best to give you a perfect gift, starter box, or surprise addition to your collection!



Brotherswithglass youtube channel
Before we part ways, come check out our YouTube channel! We do up close water testing videos, new products and more! There will be lots of exclusive content on there. Thanks friends, happy smoking!

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