Top Ten Hand Pipes

Top 10 Hand Pipes 

Looking for a helping hand? How about a helping hand pipe? How about a helpful list of the top ten hand pipes on the Brothers With Glass site? Wow, that’s an oddly specific thing to be looking for. However, you happen to be in luck because that’s exactly what this list is about! What are the odds?!? That’s right, folks. Keep that clicking finger holstered as we walk you through this list of hand pipes fit for royalty here on the Brothers With Glass top ten hand pipe countdown extravaganza! 

Ernie Hand Pipe

10) Goo Roo Designs Fumed Ernie Hand Pipe – Clocking in at number ten on the list is this beauty from Goo Roo Designs. It sits at about four inches long and just under two inches wide at the bowl. It has good sized carb and mouth holes for easy cleaning and monster hits! Not only is this piece made well, it’s also beautiful. It has a cool, swirled fume design on it that will change colors over time to reveal even more vibrant elements of the design. This is pretty much your basic spoon style hand pipe with a little flare. Not worth glancing over but not quite flashy enough to make it higher on the list. 

Chameleon Glass Woody Gandalf Hand Pipe

9) Chameleon Glass Sandblasted Woodie Gandalf Hand Pipe – Do you ever look at older guys with their long, curved wooden pipes and think to yourself, “Why not me?” Well, we agree with that sentiment, but we also don’t want you puffing on some unsafe, treated wood pipe. Instead, we offer you the Woodie Gandalf from Chameleon Glass. It was made to look similar to old style wooden pipes with its design, colors and sandblasting technique. The colors are meant to make it look as though it’s made of wood and the sandblasting is used to make it feel a bit rougher than traditional glass. 

8) Liberty 503 Fumed Sandblasted Hand Pipe – Outer Space – These pipes are next level. Liberty 503 uses sandblasting and cold sculpting to bring dimension, as well as texture to their unique works of art. The outer space line of hand pipes is no different. Each of them features unique space themed imagery like rockets, planets, stars, even craters and meteors! This is the perfect gift for any stoner that loves all things space. It also happens to come in a wide range of color combinations so you can find one that speaks to you or that special someone in your life.

Chameleon Glass Ash Catcher Gandalf Fumed Hand Pipe

7) Chameleon Glass Ash Catcher Gandalf Fumed Hand Pipe – Have you ever wanted to look like a classy gentleman or gentlewoman while retaining the peace of mind that you won’t get ash in your mouth should you finish off the bowl in one hit like the champ you are? You, my friend, have arrived at your destination. This ash catcher technology is a Chameleon Glass invention. It uses an inward facing cone on the inside of the mouthpiece. This cone acts as a protective ash catcher so when you take a hit, the smoke goes through the hole with ease while the heavier ash and debris stays lower and therefore can’t make it into your mouth. 

Starfish Designs 12 Inch Gandalf Hand Pipe

6) Starfish Designs 12 Inch Gandalf Hand Pipe – This is the classic Gandalf pipe. Big, upward pointed bowl for all your favorite herbs. A thin, 12 inch long neck and mouthpiece that allows you to take huge, smooth hits with ease. This pipe has the classic look that you’re going for when searching for a Gandalf pipe without adding anything it doesn’t need. The only “frills” you’ll find on this piece are the two tiny glass nodes on the bottom of the bowl to help it stand on its own. You’ll be the classiest stoner at the party with this conversation starter! 

Chameleon Glass Old School Fumed Sherlock Hand Pipe

5) Chameleon Glass Old School Fumed Sherlock Hand Pipe – If ever there was a perfect blend of old school class and new school glass, this would be it. These pipes blend the classic swooping Sherlock hand pipe style with bright colors and cool, modern glass techniques. Each of these pipes is unique and fumed so that the designs change over time as you use it. Since they don’t feature a carb hole, the fume designs may even show up a little quicker than usual. These pipes come in a wide variety of colors so you can find the one that’s just right for you. Another cool thing about these pipes is that they don’t cost an arm and a leg, and they’re built to last so you can feel comfortable bringing them with you on trips without worrying about them too much. 

Starfish Designs 7 Inch Graffiti Gandalf Hand Pipe

4) Starfish Designs 7 Inch Graffiti Gandalf Hand Pipe – This Gandalf pipe is similar to the previous one on the list by Starfish Designs but is slightly more popular because of its minor differences. This version is five inches shorter, making it a bit more user friendly and manageable. While the shape of the pipe doesn’t differ much if at all from its twelve-inch big brother, its aesthetic design certainly does. This smaller version comes with a graffiti inspired design with bright colorful splotches and lines running along the bowl end. These are a beauty to look at and even more fun to use!  

3) Liberty 503 Fumed Sandblasted Hand Pipe – Grateful Dead – Brothers With Glass has carried Liberty 503 pipes for over ten years. Seems fitting they would bust open the top three of this top ten list. Their quality and attention to detail in design is unmatched. They use a unique combination of sandblasting and cold sculpting (carving) work to give these pipes not only a one-of-a-kind look, but also feel. This version is an homage to The Grateful Dead, with imagery like music notes, bears, turtles in top hats, skeletons, you name it. Obviously, due to the unique process of creating these pieces, each one will be slightly different. That means that each one is special and unlike any other made before it. A true one of one work of art. 

2) Chameleon Glass Dank Onyx Cloud Nine Hand Pipe – Our runner up is a true heater from the outer reaches of the galaxy. Okay, not really. But it totally looks like it could be. This Dank Onyx Cloud Nine pipe from Chameleon Glass is both a perfect tool to smoke with AND to get lost for hours looking at after you smoke. At first glance, it looks like an average hand pipe. However, when you get closer, the mysteries of this piece begin to reveal themselves to you. It swirls and dances like the stars in the galaxies in space, but you can hold it right in the palm of your hand. It’s no wonder this beautiful masterpiece of galactic wonder almost made it through the stratosphere to the very top of our list. 

  1. Chameleon Glass Pickle Rick Hand Pipe – Is there no world, entertainment platform, or top ten list Pickle Rick cannot defeat? According to legend, no, there is not. That tracks with our list today as well because Pickle Rick is the most popular hand pipe design at Brothers With Glass according to you! I suppose congratulations for Rick are in order. However, his belly seems a little empty. Maybe you could help the guy out and fill it up with some eye holes? No eye holes on deck? No problem. He’s fine with that sweet sticky icky too. No matter how you slice it (don’t try to slice this pipe) the pickle remains the same. Top dog. 

Well, did your favorite hand pipe make the cut? It did? Great! It didn’t? Not to worry. Maybe that’s just because your tastes are so cool and ahead of your time that the rest of the world just hasn’t caught up yet. Thanks so much for reading, and if this piece got you craving a new piece of your own, check out the huge selection of pipes, dab rigs, bongs, and much more here at Brothers With Glass! 

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