Choose the Right Option for Your Smoking Needs: Bubbler vs Bong

 Between Joints, Blunts, Vaporizers, and Hand pipes there are so many wonderful ways to enjoy your strain of choice. Today, smoking still remains the most popular way for people to consume cannabis. Water pipes offer an alternative smoking device that provides a different experience. Bongs and bubblers feature a way to enhance your smoking session with the use of water. Yet, they each have many unique characteristics of their own. 

 So, bubbler vs bong...which is right for your lifestyle? Read on to learn the benefits of each. 

  The Design

 Most bubblers and bongs get crafted of glass, though other materials can get used. This special glass gets designed to be more durable and is ideal for higher temperatures. Both smoking devices help filter the smoke using a chamber filled with water. They can each also have more than one chamber to better filtrate the smoke.

 You may be wondering what is a bubbler bong? This refers to water pipes in general, lumping both bongs and bubblers into the same category. But where a bong vs bubbler differs is in their size and special design features.  



 Bongs are larger in size and often have more complex internal workings. They consist of a chamber attached to a long tube for collecting smoke. Bongs can be a few feet long, with the largest being 24 feet long
 Larger-sized pieces may call for a friend to help you light a bong this length. This makes bongs best for smoking while sitting on the couch. They feature a larger base so you can set your bong down. 
 Bongs are less mobile, more fragile, and most often heavier than bubblers. Most models feature a detachable bowl with a downstem. This can also act as a percolator for extra filtration. You may also see bong models with interesting percolator designs. Some get shaped like a tree, honeycomb, or spiral. 
 Bongs come in many different colors and styles but tend to have the same general shape. There are even bongs that resemble lava lamps and ones that look like a work of art. Bongs are also easy to customize with different accessories.  



 So, what is a bubbler and how does it differ? A bubbler is more compact in design where you can think of it as a small portable bong. They are lightweight, easier to transport, and more discreet. They are more ideal for taking in the car, to a friend's house, or to a concert. You can also buy mini-sized bubblers. 

 This also makes bubblers easier to conceal or hide. They are simple to smoke using only one hand and comfortable to hold. Bubblers will most likely use significantly less water than bongs. 

 Bubblers are most often crafted by two or more pieces. They often feature a downstem that is fixed, or welded, in place. The pushed bowl also does not get removed in most bubbler models. Bubblers can vary more in their style, with different designs for mouthpieces. Also, not all bubblers feature a percolator. 




The Smoking Experience

 Another difference between a bong and bubbler is the smoking experience each offers. Both use a water chamber to make the smoke smoother on your lungs. This works to cool the smoke down and makes it less harsh. It also helps to filter out toxins

 The water chamber also allows you to take a bigger hit. The smoke may also taste better, and you'll be less likely to cough. A bong uses much more water and features a larger chamber. They often have percolators for a smoother hit. You can also add ice to your bong for an even cooler smoking sensation. This lets you get a bigger hit with a more intense high.

 Bong bowls also tend to be larger in size. This makes them easy to pass around among a group of friends. You can also customize bongs with different attachments, like nails, downstems, and bowls. 

 A bubbler still works to help cool down the smoke and makes for a nice smooth hit, especially if the neck is longer than the chamber that holds the water. Bubblers are also great for beginner smokers with lower tolerance levels. For more experienced smokers, check out this guide for more ways to enhance your high.



The Cost and Maintenance

 Deciding between a bong or bubbler also comes down to cost and cleaning techniques. Bongs tend to cost more as they are larger and feature more intricate designs.

 With a bong, it's also easier to replace a broken bowl or downstem. Yet, both options are great investments that should last you a long time. It's important to follow a regular routine for cleaning your bong or bubbler. Do this by replacing dirty water and removing debris and resin. Brown colored water or an unpleasant smell are signs its time for a cleaning. 

 It's often easier to clean bongs than bubblers. You can take the pieces apart for a more thorough cleaning. Bubblers need to get cleaned more often as they are smaller and get dirty quicker. They also feature a smaller chamber that can let debris build up. You are also not able to take them apart, like bongs. 

 First, clean your bubbler or bong parts with hot filtered water. Then go back with a little bit of salt and rubbing alcohol. This solution can get shaken inside your piece then rinsed out. A pipe cleaner or q-tip can also be helpful for harder to reach places. 


The Final Decision: Bubbler vs Bong?

 Deciding between a bubbler vs bong comes down to a few main points. It's helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you prefer a stationary or more mobile smoking device?
  • Do you want to make a more custom smoking experience with different add ons?
  • Do you plan to smoke solo or have bigger group sessions? 
  • Do you prefer to add ice to cool down your smoke?
  • Do you want a smoking device that is easier to clean and maintain? 

 So, what's the final verdict? Well, we recommend getting one of each so you can have the best of both worlds. This way you have a well-suited device for any smoking needs you may have. 

 Browse our collection of bongs and bubblers to find a piece that fits your lifestyle. 




When I was younger, and my cannabis use was more recreational, I tended to
hand pipes of various materials, wood,
antler, glass and lava stone.
After a gas exposure in 2007, my usage became more medicinal.
I started with a mini ceramic water pipe, that fit enclosed in my hand.
But, within a few years, and access to dispensaries grew, so did the size of my bongs.
Culminating in a beautiful 2 foot German borosilicate PURE.
Great draws, but, I soon realized my lung capacity was openly challenged by it’s size, and the extra care a larger, expensive glassworks requires.
Plus, I was mostly smoking solo.
Shopping online in the last couple of years, expanded the different artisan glass workers I was exposed to.
I bought a 8” Bougie Glass bong, and was impressed by it’s easy draw, beautiful design and thick quality glass.
Then I bought a Bougie Bubbler, and another. The smaller size, great draws, and comfortable in the hand when mobile or stationary.
Easy to clean.
I’m sold!

Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

Bubblers are my favorite for my firewood 7 vape. .. I’m running out of gas…

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