Behind the Bong: Goo Roo Designs EST. 2003

In 2003 Before Goo Roo Designs was a company they were just a group of friends that enjoyed making glass together. They worked on a large farm in the Portland area where their glass quickly became in high demand. People loved the unique and creative designs they were making. With the success, they began to work on a production line and a name. One late smoky night around 2010 they designed their logo inspired by the Australian kangaroo crossing sign and they have been known as Goo Roo designs ever since.

About five years ago they suffered an unfortunate studio burglary, after that, they decided that they wanted to move to a more secure area outside the Portland area. McMinnville allowed them a close vicinity to Portland while providing a secure location that they could make and sell their glass. Now in 2018, still in McMinnville right in the heart of Oregon’s wine country where they can make glass for all of us to enjoy! Christian and Brandon have been apart of the crew since the beginning, they continue to put in their skills and hard work to make Goo Roo a great company.

Brothers with glass has been working with Goo Roo Designs since 2014. They offer classic and unique production glass designs that are sometimes hard to find. From under $20 dollar hand pipes to awesome one of a kind sculpted pieces and pretty much everything in between. One of the cool designs that Goo Roo makes is the tater tot bong. It’s a similar design to the old school zong bong but with their own twist. With a reverse beaker style as the base allows the pipe to lay back without spilling any of the water. They make them in all different colors, sizes, and even with a dome perc for extra diffusion!

Another classic product that is a customer favorite is the Goo Roo tiny bong. These are the perfect entry level bong or for someone who wants something on the go. We carry them in a bunch of different colors and in classic clear. They stand right around 6-8 inches tall and have a 9mm grommeted slide with a multiple hole poke downstem. These things are super durable and provide great diffusion for the compact size. A great affordable option that Goo Roo has been making since their inception.  

What makes Goo Roo Designs a really awesome company is that they make such a variety of glass. Whether you are looking for new a heady dab rig or a slide, Goo Roo has you covered. Their screened slides are another awesome product. They do a great job of keeping ash out of your pipe causing your bong to stay significantly cleaner. We have them in both 14mm and 18mm with a clear, color marble or full color slide. These are a nice upgrade for your bong that will be thankful for when it comes to cleaning day! 

Along with all the different styles of production glass, Goo Roo still finds time to make one of a kind heady rigs. Starting on the more affordable side these awesome full-color travel beakers with a 14/10mm removable downstem are a great starter rig. They added some extra awesome color accents that make it one of a kind. At under $200 dollars these are a perfect rig to start your heady collection.

On the other spectrum of Goo Roo's heady glass is a crazy frit window rig that will amaze any glass collector. This rig features three different window sections that show off the showerhead perc that throws the water around. An extra thick jumbo joint that will securely fit your bowl or banger and an amber purple frit color that produces some amazing colors. Its finished off with a disc and unique bent neck that Goo Roo is known for doing on their heady rigs.

With Goo Roo having such a wide variety of glass designs we are always getting different colors and designs with every new order! We enjoy working with them as an affordable local company and are always excited to see what new things they are working on when we visit the shop. 

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Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

Gooroo always catches my eye , surprised I don’t have one yet.

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