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35 comments / Posted on by Jake Wright

Bong that looks like a Lava Lamp! The Groovy Tube Rig

We all remember having a lava lamp when we were a kid or you at least saw one! The memories of walking into our friend for family member's black light room with UV reactive posters and a trippy Lava Lamp in the center of the room are all so vivid and the inspiration behind The Groovy Tube. They are a really cool invention by a British accountant named Edward Craven Walker in 1963, also the founder of the British lighting company Mathmos. These lamps were quickly made popular in the 60s and still popular today. They are amazing to look at when you are high and you can get lost of hours just looking at all the different shapes that are created not to mention the fun funky colors. 

Lava Lamp Bongs For Sale

Groovy Tube Lava Lamp Bong

Now imagine you could smoke out of one, except you are in control of the function by how big of a bowl you smoke! Well, thanks to our homies over at Mathematix Glass we have the Groovy Tube and its a bong or dab rig that looks just like a lava lamp bong! We have them in a bunch of different colors and sizes so be sure to find the one that really pops. These are really fun because they look so amazing just sitting on the shelf even when you are not using them. But when you fill them up with a big milkey hit they look even cooler! If you have always wanted a water pipe that you can use as a room decor too then this is your pipe for sure! This Lava Lamp Rig is made in California this bong is one that anyone you show will be impressed! 

Lava Lamp Chillum

We also have some pretty cool chillums and dry pipes that are shaped like lava lamps too! Another artist Blue Grass Glass has a take on this design creating more high-end bongs that sell for thousands of dollars. We also have another artist working on another version of this cool pipe design as well so stay tuned for some funky new designs to come in 2019!


  • Posted on by Dean

    Wow these look awesome! Really impressive glass blowing

  • Posted on by Sean

    Damn , these are actually pretty tight. Great idea!

  • Posted on by Kira D. Cattan

    This bong looks awesome. I used to have a Lava Lamp. Loved every moment it blurped. hehehe Keep it Rockin people, love your work.

  • Posted on by Clint

    I can’t wait to add this magnificent piece to my collection

  • Posted on by Isaiah Griffin

    This piece is so sick i kinda want one

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