Finding the Perfect Gift: A Guide to Holiday Shopping For Stoners

The holidays are all about giving! It can be daunting to try and find that perfect gift, especially if the person you are buying for is into smoking weed! I know from personal experience that some people are very particular about what type of glass they get, maybe they only smoke concentrate, or are strictly dry herb vape. Regardless of what said person is into, it's a task to make sure you are getting them something they will actually use! In this article I will take you through the perfect options for each facet of weed smoker. There are quite a few so buckle up! 

Brotherswithglass Dab Rigs

If your friend, lover, or family member frequently uses concentrates when smoking, odds are they don't want a hand pipe as a gift. While anything that is bought with love can be cherished, we're looking to guide you in the right direction to buy something you'll see them use all the time! 


When it comes to dab rigs you've got a large selection to choose from. There are the ever so popular E-rigs which you'll primarily see being made by Pulsar, Dr.Dabber, Lookah, High Five, and Puffco! Lets go over the most popular ones. By far, the Puffco Peak is the best selling E-rig for people who enjoy concentrates. It's best known for it's innovative technology that keeps your temperature consistent no matter how much you load, or how hard you inhale. For android users, you are able to download an app for extra customization for heat and light profiles! Unfortunately Apple banned all vape-related apps in 2019 so this feature is only available to android users. 

Glass Dab Rigs

Moving on to some more classic style glass pieces, we have Goo Roo Glass who make a large selection of different styles for very affordable prices. If the person you're buying for is always hiking or traveling, something more durable might be a practical option! We have a selection of silicone dab rigs that are able to easily be taken apart for cleaning and won't break if used in a more harsh environment. If you're looking to go a bit more high-end, 2k glass offers exactly that. High-end scientific glass made for collectors and enthusiasts. These pieces can be a lot to keep up with cleaning wise, but it is always worth it for that smooth hit and the impressive artwork! Keep in mind that almost all bongs can be a technical dab rig if you purchase a quartz banger to go along with it. It's as simple as switching out the flower bowl and replacing it with the banger. However, the options mentioned above are items that were made and are advertised as dab rigs specifically. 

Brotherswithglass bongs


Choosing a bong can be daunting because of the huge variety available. But that is what we are here for! If you notice that your giftee is primarily smoking bud, a bong is a great choice for them. Consider their lifestyle before choosing the perfect piece though. If they are always out and about and only smoke in the evenings, they probably don't want a super high maintenance piece. If they smoke frequently throughout the day and they are used to the cleaning regiment they would be more likely to use a scientific piece that requires a bit more TLC. All the bongs listed below are a great option for a gift because they all have one thing in common. They'll make the person receiving it super excited to get high! 


There are a lot of reputable brands to choose from when it comes to bongs. Our best selling items come from artists like Chameleon Glass, Goo Roo Designs, HVY Glass, JP Killman, and Blowfish Glass! These range from more high end to affordable. If you are on a budget and still want to get something great, browse Blowfish glass for a really unique piece that doesn't break the bank. Goo roo offers a large selection of simple glass that checks all the boxes! Chameleon is the way to go if you are looking for sheer variety, we offer a massive selection from them that is always being updated! When choosing a high end bong, one of the main components is the percolator. You'll see lots of fancy names but don't be discouraged! They perform different functions but essentially all serve the same purpose, filtration! Some people like as many levels of cooling as they can get if they like to take huge rips. For others, they find less of a cough when using a smaller more compact piece. Each person is different and the best way to gauge what is right for your giftee is what they currently have! Next time you're with them, take a look at their current piece and try to get them something that is an upgraded version. If this is their first bong, keep it simple! No one wants a super intricate triple perc bong on their first go around, a simple beaker or bubble is a great place to start!

Brotherswithglass Hand pipes

Hand Pipes

Looking for something that can work as more of a stocking stuffer? A hand pipe is a great gift for any holiday! They're easy to travel with, clean, and smoke out of. A hand pipe is an especially good place to start for a beginner who is still getting the hang of things. There are a couple of different styles of hand pipe but they all operate relatively the same. We have Starfish glass who offers Gandalf style pipes for those who enjoy a longer cooling period and lets be honest, you'll look cool while smoking it. Liberty 503 is our most popular brand for hand pipes by a long shot. They offer a long list of beautiful designs and also take custom order requests! These pipes are fantastic if you are wanting to get something that will match their personality! They have Grateful Dead, Sasquatch, Outer Space, Crystal, Honeycomb and many more designs! Their deep carve pipes are especially popular because of the way they make the design pop right off the pipe! Stone tech offers an incredibly unique style of glass blowing that gives the appearance of well.. stone! They are soft to the touch with the texture of a cool rock you found by the river. The diverse colors offer a lot of options for gifts! And finally Chameleon Glass is of course included in this list as well. They are very well known for their quality hand pipes! Their character themed pipes seem to be a go-to for people during the holidays! Regardless of what brand you go with, what matters is the personality and function of the piece! 

Brotherswithglass Smoking Accesories

Smoking Accessories 

Adding some accessories to whatever piece you decided to buy will put this gift over the top! Every stoner loves to have some extra rolling papers, a grinder, maybe a new carb cap, or dabber! These are essential things for people who smoke on the regular. Rolling papers are most popularly made by RAW offering high quality organic papers for smoking joints! When it comes to grinders there are quite a few types and brands to choose from. Our most popular ones are made by Sharpstone! They make high quality grinders that will last a lifetime. If you are unsure on which type would make the best gift, we wrote a whole blog on just that! Check it out here. Carb caps are going to come in handy if you are buying for someone who smokes concentrates and is in need of a new dab rig. The carb cap is essential to the process of dabbing. Once again, there are a few different types, but they are mostly universal. You just want to make sure that if the have an angle cut banger, you try to tailor the carb cap to that. Getting one that is too big and top heavy will cause it to fall of way to easily and affect the function of the dab. The most commonly used carb is called a bubble cap! Dabbers make a great stocking stuffer! They are used to collect the concentrate and put it into the banger prior to smoking. They also double as a great cleaning tool to help empty your flower bowl! Some of them have a small spoon at the end for easy scooping, and a sharper point at the end for getting in those small spots. 

I hope this article was helpful in finding that perfect gift! Shopping for stoners entails a lot of complicated options but whatever you get them will be an excellent addition to their collection! 

Thank you for reading, happy smoking!

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Yo, just peeped this article on holiday shopping for stoners and it’s clutch! Got some solid gift ideas for my buds without breaking the bank. Love how it breaks down different categories and price ranges. Definitely gonna bookmark this for when December rolls around. Thanks for the inspo, Brothers with Glass!

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