Shipping fragile glass is not an easy task.  We guarantee that all our shipments will arrive in tact with zero damage.  Over 98.6% of our orders do. It’s taken us many trials and failed attempts to come up with our industry leading packing process over the years.  We use specific types of packing material depending on what type of product we send.  This ranges from a two different types of packing peanuts, four different kinds of packing bubble wrap and two different kinds of packing paper.

That’s just the inside.  We only use crush proof boxes that offer at least a 200 lb crushproof protection even if its a $10 spoon pipe, it still gets the same love as a $3000 heady vapor rig we love our glass all the same because its important that you get what you order and don’t have to deal with broken glass.  Some shipments do require special foam padding to help them safely along their way, and some get the double box treatment.  We ship glass to just about anywhere and have been shipping very expensive glass to places like Sweden, United Kingdom and Australia since 2010 just to name a few.  We regularly ship to over 21 countries giving the whole world a good taste of quality American Glass Pipes!

Packing the glass we sell is just part of the way we ensure we keep it safe, we have tested the various ways to send glass and have found how to perfectly mix bubble wrap, packing peanuts and cardboard boxes to ensure you get your heady rig quick and safe!  Ensuring that our packages are discreet is also a very important part of our shipping process. Nothing we send out ever has any indication as to what’s inside and the return shipping label always reads BWG. Making sure you get your glass in perfect condition and in a discreet manner is what we strive to do everyday and it's one of the ways we have grown to be one of the top trusted online Headshops in America!

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