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Psylent Glass X Fortunate Glass Mushroom Hammer Bubbler

$160.00 $140.00

Nice thick hammer bubbler made out of blue lotus with a band of CLF potion around the neck. Nice sized bowl with a three hole diffy gives a lot of function for the size. Finished off with three nice amber purple mushroom attachments that make it fit nicely in your...
Silicone Sherlock Bubbler


The Silicone Bubbler Pipe stands 5.25" and features a 14-to-10mm diffused downstem, glass bowl, and premium silicone body in assorted swirl colorsHeight: 5.25"Base: 1.50"Joint: 14mmSlide: 10mm (Style will vary) Perc: Diffused DownstemMade in China
Special K Soft Glass Blue Bubbler


This is a very unique one of a kind bong from this artist!  *Do not Rinse these out with Hot Water. Only use warm water when rinsing out this bong. Soft Glass has a higher Coefficiency than Borosilicate glass and will thermal shock easier!  Height: 11.50"Base: 3.00"Perc: 14/18mm Removable Diffused...

Showing: 31 - 33 of 33

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