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Chameleon Glass Three Dog Chillum Hand Pipe


This pipe is made with different shades of blues and purples along with some fuming worked in to make these chillums unique and colorful! The chillum shape makes it discreet and easy to carry in your pocket or bag. Colors will vary slightly, see photos for examples. Size: 3.25" ( Length) x...
Chameleon Glass Delirium Tremons Hand Pipe


This pipe features beautiful pink, silver, and gold fuming paired with the tight rake patter that is sure to impress anyone who your seshing with. It has marbles opposite of the carb to giving you grip as you hold on to the pipe. Size: 4.00" (long) x 1.50" (wide)Medium sized bowlArtist: Chameleon...
Chameleon Glass Sandblasted Woodie Gandalf Hand Pipe


Size: 9.50" (Long) x 2.00" (Wide)Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Aragorn's Briar Sherlock Hand Pipe - Green


This pipe will give you the clues you need to chill out and relax. Just don't wear the deerstalker cap! A sleek green pipe ready to help you find answers in the forest. Size: 5.00" (long) x 1.25" (wide) Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Black Granite Chillum Hand Pipe


Size: 3.00" (long) x .75" (wide) Artist: Chameleon GlassMade In Arizona
Chameleon Glass Firefly Glow Hand Pipe


These pipes are heavy and feel great in your hand. They also glow in the dark so you can take this on you late night smoke sesh! Base color will always be the same but the color specs on the pipes can vary. Size: 3.75" (long) x 1.75" (wide)Medium sized bowlArtist:...
Chameleon Glass Bone Head Skull Hand Pipe - Cobalt Blue


Check out this cool blue skull hand pipe from Chameleon Glass. This bad boy has a cool sculpted skull shaped head on the bowl and a carb for a nose! Nice and thick made in America!   Size: 4.50" (long) x 1.50" (wide) Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Ash Catcher Lawnchair Sherlock Hand Pipe


5.50" (long) x 2.00" (around) Artist Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona 
Chameleon Glass Moondancer Hand Pipe


The three bright colors on this hand pipe can really get the imagination going. The "Moondancer" has a mouthpiece white like the moon, and a bowl that's clean blue like the ocean. There's a soft pink mid-section that serves as a buffer zone between the two, and a swirling rake...
Chameleon Glass Desiderata Sand Blasted Hand Pipe - Onyx


Beautiful colors on this piece! It really is an amazing process when the artist uses a great colored glass, then sand blasts it. Just as the pictures show this really is functional art, the colors are so vibrant, yet dulled by the clear marbles all over the pipe. Great design...
Chameleon Glass Jack Skellington Hand Pipe


Chameleon Glass Skellington Hand Pipe Size: 4.50" (long) x 1.75" (wide) Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Desert Cactus Hand Pipe


Size: 5.00" (long) x 2.50" (wide) Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Lobster Claw Hand Pipe


Get your lobster claw pipe here!  Size: 4.00" (long)  x 2.00" (wide)  Artist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona
Chameleon Glass Teardrop Typhoon Hand Pipe


The unique scientific design on this hand pipe allows the airflow to swirl and cool a bit before reaching the mouthpiece on the tip. A medium-sized standalone bowl has the carb attached right to the back of it, so the entire apparatus functions like a steamroller and the chamber can...
Chameleon Glass Hemisphere Inside Out Lay Back Sherlock Hand Pipe


Size: 4.00" (long) x 1.50" (wide)Medium Sized bowlArtist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona

Showing: 31 - 45 of 495

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