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No Label Glass Cereal Bowl Bong


Height: 5.00"Dish: 2.00" (4.25" at the widest point of the bowl)Joint: 14mm Slide: 14mmPerc: NaturalArtist: No Label GlassMade In China
Liberty 503 Glass x Oblivious Glass Sandblasted Deep Carve Tube Dab Rig

$1,800.00 $1,530.00

If you're not familiar with the artist Oblivious Glass and his intricate disc flip work, here is one-of-a-kind display that will definitely have you wondering how this is even achieved! Disc flipping is a very hard technique that takes years and years of practice to barely be good at. The appreciation behind...
Goo Roo Designs 38mm Tater Tot Lean Back Bong


Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar to the pipe in the photos but there will be slight artistic variations. Height: ~16.00"Width: ~4.00"Slide: 9mm Grommeted Perc: Multi hole pokeGlass thickness: 5mm x 38mmArtist: Goo Roo GlassMade in Oregon
Zob Glass 110mm Bent Neck Bubbler


This massive 110mm can offers a lot of space of a big hit paired with the gridded removable downstem to chop the bubbles and provide a smooth hit. This bubbler has a 14mm slide and a unique mouthpiece giving it a modern look to the classic bubbler styles. Height: 9.75"Base: 4.25"Joint: 18mmSlide:...
C2 Custom Creations 10 Inch Fixed Beaker Bong


This classic beaker stands right at ten inches tall and has a 18mm fixed downstem. The classic look paired with quality craftsmanship, this pipe would be a solid addition to any collection.Height: 10.00 " Base: 3.50" Joint: 18mmSlide: 18mm Perc: 2 slitGlass Thickness: 5mm x 22mm (neck) Artist: C2 Custom CreationsMade in California
Goo Roo Designs Tiny Blue Beaker Dab Rig


This little beaker is a perfect starter rig or something you can use on the go. Nice thick beaker that has a 10/14mm removable downstem for easy cleaning and a 10mm banger included. Made right here in Oregon!Height: 6.50"Base: 2.50"Joint: 10/14mm removable downstemQuartz banger NOT included Perc: Multi hole pokeGlass Thickness:...
Phern Glass Clay Sculpted Matrix Sidecar Bong - So Cal


Hand sculpted clay wrap done by Phern glass in Oregon featuring the Southern California landscape! Height: 7.75"Base: 4.00"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mmPerc: MatrixGlass Thickness: 5mmMade in China
Phern Glass Clay Sculpted Matrix Sidecar Bong - Dallas


Hand sculpted clay wrap done by Phern glass in Oregon featuring the Dallas landscape! Height: 7.75"Base: 4.00"Joint: 18mmSlide: 14mmPerc: MatrixGlass Thickness: 5mmMade in China
Goo Roo Designs Mini Inline Sidecar Dab Rig


Made here in Portland, Oregon this little shredder is perfect for anyone looking to have great inline function in a smaller sized rig perfect for concentrates! Height: 5.75"Width: 3.25"Joint: 14mm FemalePerc: 10 Hole InlineArtist: Goo Roo DesignsMade in Oregon
Goo Roo Designs Heady Frit Window Dab Rig

$800.00 $760.00

Awesome dab rig with clear windows so you can still enjoy the function of the piece! Has a super thick joint and mouthpiece and a showerhead perc that throws the water around. Standing at a little under 10 inches and has a 14mm joint, get yours before someone snags it! Height:...
Goo Roo Designs 16 Inch Fixed to Dome Bent Neck Bong


This pipe is blown right here in Portland and made by our friends at goo roo designs! It features a 14mm female joint and a fixed downstem up to a dome perc that provides great diffusion with plenty of holes to give you a nice smooth hit.Height: 16.50"Base: 3.50"Joint: 14mm FemalePerc: Multiple...
Goo Roo Designs Frat Boy Beaker Bong


This awesome giant beaker bong will definitely challenge you and your friends! Standing at well over 2 feet it has a 14/18 mm removable downstem with plenty of diffusion for those huge hits!  Due to the unique hand crafted style in which this pipe was created each pipe will look similar...
Chameleon Glass Fumed Terrestrial Bong

$107.95 $97.95

Terrestrial Series Color Change Water Pipe will bring back memories of the first water pipe you ever tried. Available in either Classic base, or Beaker style with a straight 38 mm diameter by 4 mm wall thickness neck, and color change fuming. Ice pinch also in the neck for a...
Chameleon Glass Atmosphere Series Green Deco and Fumed Bong

$107.95 $97.95

Atmosphere Series Blue Deco and Color Change Water Pipe is our smaller, and more budget conscious water pipe. At around 9″-10″ tall on average, these pipes have everything that you need or want in a larger piece, but in a more compact form. Available in either Classic base, or Beaker...
No Label Glass Mini Ball Dab Rig

$60.00 $44.95

This pipe has a unique design with a ball shape on top of a puck. The perc sits in the puck allowing the water to climb up into the ball giving you a lot of function for a pipe under 7 inches tall. A 14mm female fixed joint allows for...

Showing: 31 - 45 of 240

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