We have a new section on our website that offers a bunch of different water pipes and dab rigs in a kit or bundle to help save you some cash! We currently have kits available from Chameleon Glass, Big Spence Boro, Fatboy Glass and more. Each kit comes with a Highly Educated Domeless upgrade! We also include a few non stick containers and a sweet grade two titanium paper clip style dabber. Each of the kits are discounted at least 30% compared to if you purchased all the products by themselves some have even more of a discount! These dab rig kits are great for anyone looking to upgrade your current rig situation or for those who are just getting into concentrates.  We chose to add Highly Educated to the kits as they have the most well known name in the titanium industry and are one of the most popular brands for all your titanium needs. Below are just a few of the kits we have available. To see them all check out our 710 Dab Rig Kits section on the website!

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