July 1st was a very import day in history for Oregonians as we became the third state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The first of many celebrations was held on the Burnside bridge in Portland, Oregon at midnight. About five to six thousands stoners gathered on the bridge to celebrate our new found freedom. It was an amazing experience to see so many people together in celebration. There were lots of local dispensaries handing out free weed. Oregon’s Finest was there and said to have given away over 200 joints! Many other growers and kind stoners alike were sharing with strangers to ensure everyone had a toke a midnight. Part of the Brothers with Glass crew was there and we were able to hand out some free glass. We gave out a fewChameleon Glass hand pipes along with a bunch of mini bubblers and we even got to shock a random person with a sweet new bong from Biohazard glass.


Meeting under the iconic old town Portland sign we all waited for the clock to strike midnight before we lit up. Ironically we were all smoking in a public place making our sesh technically legal but we are lucky to live in a city where local law enforcement has always been lenient to public smoking. The bridge got crazy at midnight and from what we could see the bridge had effectively been closed down to a single lane. People were cheering and filling the air with weed everywhere. It was really cool to see all the different people there. We saw people from all walks of life some that clearly smoked and others you would not expect to see at a smoke out.


It was more than just being able to smoke some weed though, a lot of people we more happy about the positive impact this law will have on peoples lives.  In 2012 Oregon issued over six million dollars in citations for minor possession and nearly three thousand arrest were made(source)! Luckily that is a part of our past now and we can look forward to safer access to Marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. We are excited to see where Oregon goes with legalization, there are bound to be some bumps in the road but we have a unique opportunity to show the rest of the country watching the positive impact cannabis can have on our lives.


Check out a few pics we took at the event!


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