Well this morning’s companion by the pool is the new rig from the creative folks at our friends out in the desert of Arizona, Chameleon Glass.  How do we know that people in the desert know how to make such a sea-faring Sponge of a rig?  Well let’s find out!


To start off our review of this Sponge Bob Dab Rig we first look at that neck line,  it’s like your long snorkel tube down into the ocean.  It provides a classy path of breath on your dive into the deep! It gives you three maria’s of “lifesavers” and prevents any water from getting down your throat! Next, we have the classy little dip, like throwing stones into the water, this dip into the glass is another prevention of getting too deep into the bubbles.  Now, look down into Mr. Squarepants – LOOK at that face! And we also noticed the way the glass is done so that his dimples are also smileys! He’s also very sweet with his famous bright blue eyes, and oh those famous expressive eyelashes!

spongebob bong

Under our favorite sponge, is a Reynolds ultra low drag perc  – In the pants is where it’s at! We found that making sure that the water is right at his belt line, was the best drag strength we wanted. You can also choose to set it right at his chin, and it made for a deeper, slower, splash-free chuggier experience.  Also, in the deep depths is an inline perc.  You’ll see that fill up when you add water to it for the first time.  Once you take your first hit from the mouthpiece, the water level will climb up to his pant line.  Like I said, that was our favorite level of chug for maximum diffusion.


And finally, the glass. We love the super classy long stemmed bowl – the flat bottom bowl allows you to press in your flower flat, and I normally don’t like such big bowls, but pulling on the bubbler, plus having all that air in the flower made for a long long airy drag.  Some people will prefer to hold this piece by the bottom, with your pointer finger in the stem, but we also found it comfortable to loop your thumb right in there with the crooked neck – and slide a few fingers in the bridge, kinda like your holding your favorite stein mug.  When it came time to drain the water, it seemed to be a breeze!  It funnels down through his backside with ease, and up and out the neck – it didn’t get held up much at all.  We also love the lipped bottom for extra Anchored support for all your best day ever!   Try this Chameleon and I’m sure you will enjoy our pineapple under the sea adventures!
Reviews by Lindsay K.

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Malcolm James

Malcolm James

I want a spongebob dab rig of him laughing or fried

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