Earlier this summer, on July 1, recreational marijuana use became legal in the state of Oregon for the first time, making the state only the third to legalize the drug for nonmedical purposes. As the smoke cleared from the celebrations of tokers statewide, though, a flaw with the legalization effort became more and more clear: It was now legal to smoke weed, but there was no legal way to obtain it.

Under the framework of Measure 91, retail shops for recreational marijuana were expected to receive licenses starting in 2016, providing time for legislators and authorities to define the framework for sales and distribution to be regulated. However, this left a significant gap – more than a year, potentially – between legalization and lawful means to obtain marijuana. As a result, lawmakers passed a bill in late June and early July which Gov. Kate Brown signed late last month permitting existing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell marijuana to customers until the end of 2016.

Chameleon Glass Pinky ElephantThis emergency bill was passed to provide a stopgap means for recreational users to obtain products legally without the potential for individuals to have to perform an illegal transaction to be able to engage in a legal activity. The governor’s spokeswoman, Kristen Grainger, told The Huffington Post that the thinking on the law’s passage was simple: “If marijuana is legal to use, it shouldn’t be illegal to buy.”

Under the temporary measure, existing medical marijuana dispensaries can sell up to a quarter of an ounce to customers who are age 21 or older at their facilities daily. For those who are interested, plant seeds can also be purchased as well as up to four plants that are not flowering. The Huffington Post also notes that since state taxes on recreational sales also don’t take effect until Jan. 4, 2016, consumers can also enjoy a temporary sales tax holiday of sorts on purchases for the final three months of the year.

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