We have been working with Chameleon Glass since we opened our shop in 2010 and consider them part of the BWG family. They stand out in the hand pipe market with constantly producing new designs that are always functional, sometimes trendy, funny, artistic or a little bit of everything. They created designs you see being copied all over. The Monsoon Spubbler, Ash Catcher Pipe and Typhon Hand Pipe and all popular and familiar designs that came from Chameleon Glass. Based in AZ they offer one of the largest selections of hand pipes, water pipes and dab rigs that is out there and they have been doing it for over 25 years!!

To celebrate this amazing achievement we are having a massive 25 day Chameleon Glass Sale where you can save 25% off your entire purchase of any Chameleon Glass product we have! The sale is going on now and will last until May 30th! Just use coupon code: CHAM25


More about Chameleon Glass from their website;


It’s not just a slogan, or a catchy graphic that we stick in the header of our website. At Chameleon, we work hard to come up with new and original concepts. Our standards for quality are unmatched in the industry. Not everything we do makes it into production. But the constant evolution through trial and error is what has made our products the best. We perform quality control checks under light and polariscope to detect cracks prior to shipping on every piece to ensure that defective glass and hidden imperfections are never delivered to our customers. We also check for functional superiority and aesthetic consistency to ensure the piece smokes well and looks like what we show on our website and in our catalog. So, even though you are buying a unique, hand made product, it won’t leave our shop unless passes these stringent standards. Follow us on Instagram, and you’ll get to see some of our cool one-offs and prototypes that help spawn our innovation.


We live in an increasingly globalized world, and you may think that little four word phrase doesn’t mean much anymore. When it comes to glass pipes, I can assure you that it certainly does matter. First, Chameleon Glass offers a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with our product, all you have to do is send it back. That’s reason enough for us to ensure that we are only shipping the finest in craftsmanship and quality to our customers. Second, our biggest competition in the glass industry are cheap knock-offs made in China. You probably don’t need to be reminded of the numerous reports of unsafe, tainted or contaminated products from China. There are reports of everything from poisoned baby formula and pet food to lead-laden toys and flip flops that cause chemical burns. The FDA consistently rejects food imports from China because of high levels of bacteria, carcinogens, and other gut-wrenching substances. Additionally, the US doesn’t allow glass pipe imports. That means that if you buy glassware made overseas, it came into this country without holes drilled in it (because then it’s technically not a pipe). It is then drilled out, leaving noxious gasses and fine glass dust particles to be inhaled by you. Still wanna buy that cheap Chinese-made glass pipe?


It’s worth mentioning again (and again). We are mad-crazy about making the best. Our pipes are double blown, hand-worked inside and out. The result is amazingly crisp, clean patterning and bright colors. For our signature color changing pipes, we have perfected the art of interlacing levels of silver, gold, platinum and copper for maximum color change. Finally, all of our pipes are annealed in the finest glass kilns to ensure they are strong and resistant to breaking. We have been in business for over 20 years. There’s something to be said about the experience that this brings. You won’t find a more innovative production shop out there. So, if you dig cool new glass designs, buy the original and support innovation!

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