Roll-Uh-Bowl the bong that won't break!
  Glass pipes are amazing, beautiful, creative and most of us love smoking out of them but they have one flaw. They are breakable. Now,  good quality American glass can last a lifetime with proper use but a new type of bong has hit the market and its made of silicon. The RollUhBowl is a very portable water pipe that can fit in your pocket. The downstem is removable and makes for easy storage. They have a creative downstem system that has a small ball at the end of the downstem that both helps act as a diffuser to cool your smoke and a one way valve of sorts to prevent water from coming back up the downstem should you knock your bong over!  The custom slide or bowl that is included has a cool feature where you can push down on the spring loaded slide and clean the entire bowl of its ashed contents in one simple push!   Along with the design of the bong we really like that they are made in America. Roll Uh Bowls are 100% healthcare grade VI silicone. This all means its safe for use in smoking and no toxins! If you are not a fan of cleaning your smokeware you will for sure enjoy the ease of the roll uh bowl bong because you can simply place it in the dishwasher for simple easy cleaning. They even offer a adaber to turn the slide into a male joint so you can use your bong as a dab rig! Check out the video below and see if the Roll-Uh-Bowl is right for your next bong purchase!

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