New Company added; Quantum Scientific Glass


At Brothers with Glass we're always looking for new products to offer to our customer, while still maintaining our goal of providing the highest quality, and coolest looking pieces we can find. In order to continue that mission, we’re happy to announce that we’ll now be offering pieces made by Quantum Sci. When it comes to deciding to buy a piece of glass, it’s clear that the best options are typically those that offer the right mix between functionality and style, and that’s what Quantum Sci Glass seems  to have been able to do; strike that perfect balance.As of right now we have three glass pieces from Quantum Sci in stock and, while we’ll be adding a few more to the collection shortly, we’re very happy with what we can already offer.  

The first new piece we have is a take on the classic and reliable beaker bong, with a few modifications that really make it stand out. The first great function of this piece comes from something that’s unfortunately pretty uncommon, and that’s a perc that starts at the slide piece. The chandelier attached to the 18mm downstem is designed so that, even at the start of your hit, the smoke is cooler and diffused. Following the chandelier downstem is another chandelier perc in the body of the beaker bong, which filters and cools the smoke even more, so that by the time the hit gets to you it’s incredibly smooth.  

Quantum Sci Glass  

Up next, with another classic, is the Quantum Sci straight water pipe. At 16” tall, this is the perfect piece for providing a great hit even with the straightforward design. While all of the potential percs are nice, there are many of us who enjoy the classic feel and simplicity of a straight-tube bong. With the hole poked downstem and ice catcher in the base, this traditional piece provides the smoothest hits, with the low resistance and straightforwardness of the straight pipe that we’ve all come to know and love.  

Quantum Sci Glass Straight Bong  

Finally, up last (but certainly not least) is the double chandelier angled water pipe. If there’s one genre of glass that seems to be growing in popularity the most quickly, it’s bubblers, and bubbler type pieces. Seeing as how they tend to run a little smaller, they provide the same smooth hit as a bong, but with a bit more of a personal look and feel. This piece in particular has two chandelier percs in the main body, which diffuses the smoke twice, and delivers the perfect hit that’s both cool, as well as smooth and filtered.

  Quantum Sci Glass Double Chandelier Bong    

Even with the excitement that we have in announcing these pieces, we’re eager to add the next new pieces to the website as they come in, and we think you’ll find them just as amazing. We’ve heard plenty of stories about customers who’ve bought glass from overseas and were dissatisfied with the quality, or found that they broke very easily. That’s why another great thing about Quantum Sci glass is that it’s made domestically in California to ensure a quality build and functionality for a fair price.

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