We are very stoked to be adding a new artist to the site!  Glass Pav has been blowing glass in southern oregon for well over 15 years with his primary focus on being sculptured work.  We have added a few sweet mini vapor rigs to the site with characters like Cookie Monster, Jack Skellington and an owled themed one and one of the shops personal favorites the honey bee rig!  These little rigs are rippers and not only do they look great but they function really well.  They all have a simple three hole poke diffuser that works well and creates just the right amount of percolation.  We even have a few in pendy rig style that are even smaller and rip hard!

Glass Pav is more well known for his slides and domes and we have bunch in both 14mm and 18mm alike.  With each order we will be getting new fresh designs some made special just for us!  We have already added a bunch of domes and slides to the site from some pretty famous characters like Mario and Luigi, lots of Star Wars domes.  With the first order we added a some really cool domes that were made in the likeness of Rick from Rick and Morty.  Stay tuned for more sweet character rigs, slides and domes from Glass Pav on the site each month! Rick and Morty pipes are no longer available 

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