The upcoming holiday, April 20th, has a different meaning for everyone. Whether you’re hanging out in a circle of your friends, checking out some live music, stuck at work, couch locked, or anything else, that day has a special meaning to those in the know. Though the exact origins of the holiday are uncertain, the meaning it has come to have is not. It is a day for camaraderie, celebration, and of course a few bowls using your favorite glass.

Here at BWG, 4/20 means it is time for a huge sale and discounts store wide! Everything in the store is marked down by at least 10% until April 20th. Select items are marked down even further, discounted up to 30% off the regular price.

The sale ends at midnight on April 20th. To be sure you’ll receive your new glass before 4/20 you should place your order by midnight on Wednesday, April 15th.

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