Time to heat things up!

Highly Educated makes some of the most innovative designs for titanium and have become the most trusted name in the concentrate nail game. We recently picked up some of their more popular designs and they’re now available on our site!

Whether you’re looking for a domeless style or you prefer a dome and nail, we’ve got what you need to vaporize concentrates in style. INFINITi, Flux, M-Class Flux nails, and dabbers are in stock and ready to ship right to your door.

Everything in our store is on sale until 4/20, including all titanium from Highly Educated. There’s no better time to upgrade your dab setup than right now during ourthe sale! Plus it’s a great time to pick up a new rig and torch to complete your collection.

Don’t forget to enter our 4/20 giveaway for your chance to win a HUGE prize pack full of glass and accessories! Go to www.brotherswithglass.com/420 to enter.

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