Bubblers, Spubblers and more!

Hey there water pipe lovers! Looking for some great pieces that suit your percolation needs? We've got it on lock so look no further. Today we'll be talking about the ins and outs of bubblers and why they are so great! 

I'll start by giving a brief explanation of the difference between a bubbler and a bong. They are functionally the same, both have water filtration to give you that nice and easy hit. The main attraction to getting a bubbler is its portability and convenience! Which for a lot of people this is a game changer when you travel or just like to smoke on the go, it's a lot better than having to pack a bong when you go places.   

Let's kick it off with a classic sherlock bubbler from Blowfish Glassworks!

Blowfish Glassworks Bubbler 

These lil raked and fumed buddies are a great introduction to the world of bubblers. They are among the more simple type of water pipe and are a great staple piece to have around. Without sacrificing function, these have some serious art appeal to them and are a great compact travel size! It's hard to find something that has everything you want but these Blowfish Glassworks will get you close. Not only are they affordable, but they have so many different styles and colors available! No need to sacrifice function either, you will be fully satisfied with one of these bad boys! 

Another a great style of bubbler from Chasteen Glassworks, we love the colors these come in! 

Chasteen Glassworks

If you are looking for a show stopper, you've arrived at your destination! These guys are local to Oregon and blowing glass in Eugene! Chasteen has some amazing stuff that is sure to add some color into your life. Every time we get an order from them, its guaranteed that you will see some fantastic array of color.  Now don't worry, we don't exclusively sell just beautiful pieces of art. We also have a large selection of function focused bubblers and spubblers to choose from! Here are a few for you to check out. 

A great example of a function focused bubbler is from C2 Custom Creations

C2 custom creations

This bub has a fantastic form of percolation, it uses a ratchet disc perc to filter the goods. Your lungs will thank you I promise! This bubbler is slightly larger than the ones we are talking about today, standing 9 inches high. However, this just means that bit of extra smoke travel, and it is still a decently convenient size! C2 is s shop favorite and they offer a very high quality selection of pieces, ranging from $90-$600! 

Moving on to something even more compact, convenient and easy to travel with! I know you're probably thinking "how is this possible?!" I shall show you, just keep on scrolling my dude. 

Chameleon glass spubbler

 Ta da! Here we have it, the Chameleon glass monsoon spubbler! These are one of our more popular products and we like them here in the shop too! These lil guys are spill proof so you don't need to worry about any spills during your daily hot box! The design is actually pretty unique in the way the holes are placed, allowing for the smoke to bubble through freely while making it basically impossible to get the water out unless you are cleaning it! A pro tip for cleaning these is to fill it with warm water, table salt, 75% iso and let it soak for while then shake it like a polaroid picture. This will drastically help rid of that pesky resin build up! 

Our last stop today are these awesome little silicone dab rig bubblers! No label bubbler dab rigs

 Now as I'm sure you can imagine, these have removable mouth pieces, bases and the top that's below the bowl comes off too! These are very easy to store and clean. In fact, if you're running out of space in your go bag, you can easily take these apart and fold it up to wrap a rubber band around! It will pop right back up into its full form like nothing ever happened. They are useful for dabs or flower no matter where your adventure leads! 

Thanks for sticking around and I hope you found something that works for your next endeavor! 

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