Multiple VS Single Hole Slides for your Bong or Bubbler

Most bongs sold today come with a simple single hole slide. They are easy and affordable to make and because of this, it has set the standard for what most glass companies and smoke shops offer. With the continued popularization of cannabis, we have seen many changes in the way we smoke and keep our pipes clean. Multiple hole or screened slides are a simple upgrade for your pipe to get better airflow while keeping ash out of your bong. Once you try one you won't want to go back to a single hole. 

The two main multi-hole styles are screened and pinched. The screened slides use a screen that was made prior and is welded between the funnel and joint. The Inner sanctum slide that Chameleon Glass makes provides consistent size holes and add a lot of airflow compared to a single hole slide. This style does require a little maintenance, you should clear the holes after each bowl when the resin is still warm and easily removable. Most people have a poker or paper clip, to clear the holes and keep the slide clean. 

Chameleon Glass Welded Screen Inner Sanctum Funnel Slide

The pinched slide has hot glass pushed into the base of a funnel shape with a graphite tool. Three or four pushes creates pinches inside the funnel creating a multiple hole slide. These holes can be a little more inconsistent compared to a premade screen but can provide high amounts of airflow. Chameleon glass pinched and marbled slide is a very affordable pinched slide. These styles are easy to clean and will help keep the ash from getting into your bong. This makes cleaning time a lot easier and quicker. 

Chameleon Glass Pinched and Marbled Bowl Slide 

When getting a multi-hole slide you should think about how many holes you want. This seems like a small detail you wouldn't think about but this will have a difference in your smoking experience. The more holes the slide has the hotter the material will burn because of the increased oxygen flow. There isn't a perfect number because it comes down to personal preference but three to four-hole slides are common for the pinched slides. While the screened slides have smaller holes so 7-9 is a good range to look for. This will let your material burn at a good temperature, preserving flavor while allowing for high airflow and easy clearing. 

Because one hole slides have been the standard most people haven't used anything else. The one hole slide get clogged easily causing a stale hit or you can end up with unburned material being sucked into your bong. The multi-hole really improves the overall smoking experience. The extra airflow allows you to keep a consistent pull on the pipe keeping the smoke flavorful and smooth. The one disadvantage to the multi-hole slides is that they require a little more cleaning due to the smaller holes but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. 

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To many hole slide bowls cause splash up into mouth stem because to open air flow and always use screen in bowl bottom no goodies pulled into water pipe

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