BWG Presents: Stoner's Guide to Surviving Thanksgiving 2020!

This year has been nuts. On top of everything, now we have to deal with Thanksgiving in quarantine. But mary jane is there to help us get through this last bit of 2020. Whether you're celebrating alone or trapped in a bubble with your loved ones, there are multiple ways THC can maximize holiday joy and minimize holiday stress this year.

Family Gatherings

If you're planning a get-together with your family this year, please follow the CDC's Guide to Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings. If you're already doing that, follow our guide and stay high (but not too high) all day!

If you're celebrating with other stoners, congratulations! You all are about to have a great holiday together. We recommend some celebratory rips from the biggest bong you have, along with cannabutter to enhance the dining experience!

After dinner, we recommend hitting the dab rig to stave off a food coma and get ready for dessert / round two!

Family Gatherings, Down-Low Edition

Unfortunately, some of our loved ones have some backward beliefs about ganja - mostly due to being subjected to years of now-hilarious propaganda. 

In those situations, it's often necessary to go "take a walk" to get your tokes in before the big meal. We recommend our handy, dandy chillums for on the go use, along with our sweet, discrete glass blunts, or even the ultra-clandestine ceramic cigarette!  

We always recommend sativa strains in these situations. Sure, indica will increase your appetite more, but then you run the risk of shoveling food in your mouth silently, staring down at your plate while your relatives discuss where they went wrong raising you. A sativa will leave you happy and energetic, bringing some much-needed good energy to your family this year. Remember not to worry about giving yourself away or "sounding high," just be your happy, high self and enjoy that delicious food! 

Celebrating Alone? Not with THC!

It sucks to not be able to see your loved ones this year. But with the right setting, strain, and glass, this solo-Thanksgiving can be the moment of respite and reflection needed to kick 2020's ass out the window and prepare for an awesome 2021. 

We recommend taking a mini-dab rig into the backyard or near a window, putting on some of your favorite music, and making yourself your favorite all-time meal. Add in video-calling your friends and family or watching your favorite show, and you've got yourself a solid solo-Thanksgiving.

Why not check and see if any restaurants near you are open for take-out or delivery? There's no guilt in supporting local businesses these days, even if it means ordering four pumpkin pies and eating them all in one night! That's just you performing your civic duty, in a way.


Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

I not only survive, I thrive in my natural habitat around piles of food.



Marijuana Propaganda has been Absolutely ridiculous throughout history



This was a great read and gave me some awesome ideas for the next Thanksgiving 😆 I smoked Indica last year thinking I would eat more food and yes I did just sit there in silence! Definitely going sativa next year! Haha

Shaun norgan

Shaun norgan

Your never alone when you have glass full of green in one hand and a light in the other.

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