The 2020 Stoners Holiday Smoking Gift Guide for Bongs, Dab Rigs and Hand Pipes!

Its that time of year again! You are looking for that perfect gift for the smoker in your life but you are not sure what to get him or her. Well don't worry, Brothers with Glass has your back. We put together a nice list of some popular items items that are awesome products we think that special person in your life will really like. This list works great for those who don't smoke but still want to get a cool gift. 

Here are some of our popular general gift guide sections if you are shopping for a gift for your Dad, Husband, Boyfriend or a guy friend shop our gifts for Guys, We also have a section full of gifts for your Mom, Wife, Girlfriend, Sister or special woman in you life shop our gifts for Women. We also have a cool section for Gamers, or if you would like to get a gift that is not pipe related check out our Not a Pipe section. Looking for stocking stuffers under $15 check out the Stocking Stuffer section. 

The Daily Dabber - Gifts for those who enjoy hash everyday and would like a new dab rig for the daily smoking line up. Here are some tried and true rigs our customers love!


Groovy Tube Dab Rig
No Label Glass FTK Recycler Dab Rig
Chameleon Glass Fumed Mini Puffer Dab Rig

No Label Glass Klein Recycler Dab Rig Color Accents

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Riggler Dab Rig

Goo Roo Designs Tiny Beaker Dab Rig

Flower Power - Gifts for that flower lover that smokes mostly flower or if they need a new flower pipe in the collection. These bongs are some of the more popular water pipes our customers have enjoyed. Most of them are in that sweet price range for gifts too. We have hundreds of bongs to shop for so if any of these don't seem to be right you can shop our massive bong section that we add new products to almost daily! 

Glowfly Glass Colored Warped Neck Round Bottom Bong 

Chameleon Glass Lustre Mini Beaker Bong

Mary Jane's Glass 8 Inch Color Coiled And Fumed Beaker Bong

No Label Glass Double Honeycomb To Turbine Bong

C2 Custom Creations 10 Inch Beaker Bong

Zob Glass 18 In Straight Gridded Inline Bong


Dry Pipes - This section has some really cool dry pipes in a few different categories, you are sure to find the right pipe from this list! Everybody has to have a dry pipe so even if the person you are shopping for is an experienced or brand new smoker you can never go wrong with a good old hand pipe. We happen to have the world's largest selection of Hand Pipes online! We have hundreds of styles available. Hand pipes are also great for that occasional smoker as they tend to take smaller hits so a nice spoon works great for them. Hand pipes are often times the most durable smoking pipe you can use as they don't have ground joints and tubes sticking out that can break easier. 

Chameleon Glass Dank Onyx Cloud Nine Hand Pipe

Starfish Designs 7 Inch Graffiti Gandalf Hand Pipe

Liberty 503 Fumed Sandblasted Hand Pipe - Grateful Dead


High End Art Lovers - Here you will find some of our high end offerings that might be best suited for that art lover in your life or someone you know that appreciates quality functional glass made in America. 

Heady Glass function art


For the Outdoor Person - Camping, hiking or anything fun outdoors is always better if you get to have a toke on the adventure. These items are not only useful but can really help enhance any outdoor adventure. 

Chameleon Glass Fumed Ash Catcher Chillum Hand Pipe

HVY Glass 9mm Color Wrap Beaker Bong - Navy Blue

High Five Duo Portable Vaporizer

For the Clumsy Ones - We all have that one friend who is not so good with keeping their glass safe, these section has some very durable glass or silicone that is great for that person who might break glass a little to easy.

 No Label Silicone Beaker to Dome Perc Bong

HVY Glass Clear 10 Inch Straight 9mm Water Pipe

No Label Silicone Sherlock Hand Pipe


For the Foodie - Let's face it food is always on the mind after a good smoke sesh but for some of us food is on the mind all the time! This section has a few cool food themed pipes sure to spark those hunger pains.

Shop Food Pipes


For the Stealthy Smoker - When you have to keep it on the down low check out this section for some cool vapes and products that help keep that sweet stinky smell of ganja out of the air and suspecting noses.

Smoke Trap Filter 2.0

G Pen Pro Vaporizer



Danny Martinez

Danny Martinez

You guys have everything any glass enthusiast could want!



Looks like Y’all got everything covered 👍 I love the thermo banger I got from y’all a while back ❤️ Incredible Selection

Kayla Yadron

Kayla Yadron

Brothers with glass has the best products!! There glass is very durable and thick. Also love all the variety. Ordered from Brothers with glass several times and will continue to do so. Thank you for doing what you do!!



There is so much variety of awesome pieces and everything is easy to find on the website. The shipping is also fast and very discreet I was extremely happy

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