The Many Types of Quartz Bangers Explained for Your Dabbing Needs

In this blog article, we are going to talk about the many different types of bangers and dab nails, what they offer and how they differ. Dabbing first started to really get popular in 2012, we remember the first American Glass Expo when titanium nails hit the market and were all the rage! We have come a long way in just a short six years. Although we have the option between Borosilicate, Ceramic, Titanium and Quartz the market and dabbers have overwhelming chose Quartz as the popular choice. Quartz has amazing durability and even better heat retention than other material on the market. 

American vs Import

 American vs Imported

First let's talk about American vs China Quartz. Right from the start, the most noticeable difference between the two is cost. With the average cost of an imported banger around $35 they offer a much cheaper option to the American counterpart which the average cost is much closer to $130 with some new designs selling for as much as $300 and customs of course going for more. Comparing the two, craftsmanship is something you will notice as most of the American artist are much more skilled and just produce a more consistently clean product. Most American companies us quartz sourced in the US, which can be much cleaner and slightly more durable product. Although there are obvious reasons American quartz is better, the price difference makes it a hard product to buy American made. We have been selling imported and American made quartz for a few years now and both have performed well for our customers needs. Without a doubt American quartz is more durable and will survive much more abuse but in some cases you can purchase 6-10 imported versions for the price of one American original. 

Different Types of Quartz Bangers

There are several different types of bangers on the market, some have been around for years, while others never really took off. A few styles however stand out from the rest and are certainly the most popular among dabbers today!

Thermal Quartz Bangers

Thermal Quartz Banger

The first design of this type was created by Pukinbeagle, this double walled banger offers some of the best heat retention on the market. By heating up both the outside and inside walls the nail is able to retain heat longer than any other style on the market to day. Combined with a bubble cap this combo allows for very large dabs as it hold more heat longer you can add larger dabs and not need to re heat. The Thermal Quartz Banger is a favorite for those who are serious about dabbing.  

Opaque Bottom Banagers 

Gavel Quartz Banger

This design named the Grail came from Highly Educated out of Utah. This design features an opaque bottom that enables for very long heat retention from the bottom of the banger while the side walls will cool down faster the bottom will hold heat about twice as long. This style has been very well received by the everyday  dabber and those who like to glob out. The Opaque Bottom Quartz Banger design also does not require as much heat up time as the thermal so it saves a bit on butane cost. 

Color Changing Cadmium Bangers 

Cadmium Quartz Bangers

The Cadmium Core Quartz Banger was brought to us from Whitney Harmon Glass and is a really cool and well functioning idea. The entire purpose of the color changing cadmium colored glass is that is will change from a bright orange when heated to the max and a bright yellow when cool. You just find your perfect shade for the temp you like and never have to use a timer again! 

Banger with Inserts 

Quartz Banger with Insert

Quartz Bangers with Inserts are a relatively new option on the market, the idea with inserts, is you heat your banger as you normally would but don't let it cool down. Instead you drop in your insert with your concentrates inside and as soon as it starts smoking to take your hit, this way only the insert gets dirty and keeps the rest of the baner in primo shape. Some inserts are using "pearls" or round quartz balls that roll around inside and allow for more movement of the dab inside the bucket. 

Flat top and Angle Cut Bangers

Angle Cut Quartz Banger

The Angle Cut Banger was one of the original designs to hit the market and only offers a different angle position of the carb cap to direct the flow of the concentrate to the back of the banger. The angle cut is quickly being replaced in popularity by the flat top. This offers a better service for your carb cap to sit on and allows to you leave the cap and go hands free, and options that's often not there with an angle cut.  

Low Temp Core Reactor Bangers

Core Reactor Quartz Banger

Originally designed by Toro Glass the Core Reactor Quartz Banger has a large piece of thick quarts inside the center of the bucket. This center core will retain heat much longer than most banger types out there. This banger can also handle larger dabs with lower temps. For this one to work properly and to its fullest potential it needs a proprietary carb cap. 

Black Market Bangers

Black Market Quartz Banger

Black Market Glass is an American quartz manufacturer located in Oregon. We are proud to offer a great selection of their very popular flat top design. Even better than their amazing attention to craftsmanship, is the unbeatable price. We currently have the lowest priced American Quartz Bangers on the market. Only after working hard to find the best priced quartz made in America. 

Dabvac Dish and Whip

Dabvac Dabber

This design is a very unique one, in that is has a dish where you load your concentrates, then heat up the tip of the Dabvac and apply the heated tip to the dish and boom, your dabbing. Though this is not a banger is a different way some people enjoy dabbing and worth exploring as an option. The Dabvac is made in CO, so its a great American made option too.


It's important to note that for the above bangers to work properly you need some kind of carb cap, this will allow for the proper amount of airflow to keep the heat and allow for the movement of the concentrate. For more info on inserts and pearls read our blog post about it. We also have a great read about carb caps, to help better explain their use in the dabbing process. In case you still have some questions. 

Recommendations for Dabber types

New dabbers/dont dab often: Flat top, angle cut bangers with 3mm thickness, Thick bottom bangers. Stay away from thermal, core reactor and insert bangers as they are an overkill for those who don't dab often. 

Daily Dabber: Thermals, Inserts, Opaque bottom, and Core style bangers work great for the daily dabber, I would lean less towards thermals and insertis if your dabs are on the smaller side. Stay away from the standard 3mm angle and flat top as they wont hold enough heat for those days you feel like a bigger dab. 

Glob Dabber: If you like to take big ol' globs, you are for sure going to want to scoop a thermal or core reactor or even the terp slirper those three styles really handle big dabs the best and if you really want to go crazy check out the Mondo Banger it can handle dabs up to 10 grams!!! 


Smalltown mama

Smalltown mama

I am at my 1 1/2 yrs dabbing and couldn’t for the life of me figure out what the “core reactor banger” was called until THIS article I have been wondering what kind of banger I had and when I said the bottom has like a raised bottom like a hill in the bottom of the banger. No one knew what I was talking about. I can never get the perfect dab with it, but yet my thick big banger (my main) I get perfect dabs everytime (till it broke last night) now I’m stuck using this core reactor banger and don’t know if it’s just like the thick bottom 1 min on and 1 min off?!? I dunnoooo and I don’t want to waste product testing it out lol



Thanks for introducing different types of quartz bangers…I’ll recommend it!!






What is the brand of these bangers?



I love my quartz banger! But I have my eye on one of that dabvac because that looks pretty cool!

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