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5 comments / Posted on by Phern Wright

The Sun Token, taking Solar hits to a whole new level!

Hector Campos was definitely thinking outside the bowl! This smoke token works by accessing the immense power of the sun in our sky. Once the magnifying glass is in place, you see a unique hit, swirling around the magnetic dome, like the milky way we are swirling around in. Handcrafted in the US and created for new and novice users. No lighter, no butane inhalation. Just the freshness of the product with borosilicate glass parts. Making a more durable, long lasting piece. The base is made of cherry, which is hardwood used to make pipes for centuries and is sanded smooth and finished with 100% flax seed oil. 

Each function of this pipe was for your convenience, down to the easy clean, replaceable boro pieces which are both 14mm standard sized attachments. The modular design fits into the palm of your hand or on a table as the mouthpiece is angled upward and accessible. If you use a lighter in the wind, it is more difficult to burn the product in the bowl evenly. The flame does its duty and flutters around in that breeze. With the Sun Token, starting an ember is possible, but not necessary. You can burn slow and low temperature hits. Because there is no rushing oxygen to the product, as the dome is secured by a magnet to a stainless steel ring. Essentially, keeping your bowl wind-proof and still smokable. They've expertly delivered a product that connects you with nature in several ways.

Sun Token Solar Pipe

Rooting with the tree body, smoke created by the sun star, reaching it's beams 150 million kilometers to the magnifying glass and then condense it's shine to just touch the flower enough to ignite goodness. It's fun to use and enjoyable to watch the milky-ness be created inside the dome. Less waste for the environment not using butane lighters is always a good thing. Knowing that each one is lovingly hand finished by the inventor Hector Campos makes this a unique find with his team from Fredericksburg, Virginia. Your solar hits is being heated to roughly 420 degrees Farenheit, dries and releases vapor and will combust as the lights focus is contained to that spot. Patience, control and focus maintains an even burn, expanding the use of one bowl to smaller, more efficient hits powered by your environment.


Sun Token Solar Hits Dry Pipe


  • Posted on by Alex

    Would love to own something like this eventually. It would make a great conversation piece.

  • Posted on by Zach

    Looks good

  • Posted on by George

    Interesting, may have to find a video (if any) to see it in action

  • Posted on by Dennis Painter

    I’ve always wanted to try one of these pipes

  • Posted on by Nic

    Wow! I’m so glad I stumbled across their instagram account. I scrolled through some of their posts and this one caught my eye. This definitely will be my next purchase.

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