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Chameleon Glass Inline to Reynolds Perc E Nail Dab Rig

$299.99 $270.00

There are many that claim ‘ok to use with e-nail’, however, the E Nail Glass Water Pipe featuring Reynolds Percolator by McCoy Oilers is a start to finish design for use with an e-nail. This rig features a two stage water filtration design utilizing our innovative Reynolds Percolator. The connections...
Goo Roo Designs Pedestal Recycler Bong


Goo roo designs make a great functioning recycler that really moves the water around. This ones features a multiple hole perc and unique shaping but still provides great function!Height: 15.50"Width: 4.50"Joint: 14mmPerc: Multiple hole pokePerc 2: RecyclerArtist: Goo Roo DesignsMade in Oregon

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