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Bent Glassworks 16 In Orbitz Schott Glass Water Pipe


Bent Glassworks 16 In Orbitz Schott Glass Water Pipe Height: 16.00 InPerc: OrbitzSlide: 18mm Screen bowlGlassThickness: 5mm Artist: Bent GlassworksMade in California
Chameleon Glass Hydrology Mini Recycler Dab Rig - Illuminati and Blue Leprechaun

$410.00 $328.00

Featured colors on this piece include UV (black light) reactive Illuminati glass, and sparkly, dark blue/green Heavy Blue Leprechaun.Height: 5.50"Base: 2.25"Joint: 14mm femalePerc: 2 hold downstemPerc: recyclerArtist: Chameleon GlassMade in Arizona 
Mountain Jam Glass Purple With Rainbow Wig Wag and Faceted Marble Dab Rig


This awesome rainbow and white wig wag banger hanger features a beautiful faceted encased opal on the back with matching 14mm dome. This pipe stands at 8 inches tall making a great size for at home or travel!Height: 8.00" Joint: 14mm maleDome: 14mmArtist: Mountain Jam GlassMade in Oregon
Mountain Jam Glass Wig Wag Dewar Sherlock Bubbler Water Pipe


This bubbler features a 14mm dewar joint and matching wag wag slide. It has three beautiful wig wag sections and a multiple hold poke downstem. This pipe wold work great as a dab rif or bong.  Height: 7.00"Joint: 14mmslide: 14mmPerc: multiple hole pokeArtist: Mountain Jam GlassMade in Oregon
Zob Glass 14mm Mini Zobello Recycler Dab Rig


A perfect sized and functioning recycler that throws the water around but holds it in place while draining back into itself! Color of label will vary. Height: 9.75"Base: 2.75"Joint: 14mm Nail: Quartz DomelessPerc: ZobelloPerc 2: RecyclerGlass Thickness: 5mm Artist: Zob GlassMade in California

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