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C2 Custom Creations Sprocket Perc Bong


This is one of C2's newest design, this pipe is the perfect balance between function and fashion. The new sprocket perc stacks the bubbles and only needs a small amount of water. It has a really smooth low drag hit and would be perfect as a bong or dab rig. C2 Custom...
Chameleon Glass Fire In The Hole Grenade 14mm Dab Rig


Height: 9.00”Downstem: Fixed maleJoint: 14mmFemale Bowl: 14mm IncludedNail: 14mm IncludedMade in ArizonaArtist: Chameleon Glass
Chameleon Glass Sculpted Pug Bong

$299.98 $239.99

The Pug Rig is a friendly little pup made out of glass, and ready to have a smoke session with you. The mouthpiece is located at the top of the head, and the 14mm female joint is perfect for either the domeless quartz nail or flower bowl that are both...
Snoop Dogg Pounds Spaceship Dab Rig


Height: 7.00"Base: 5.00"Joint: 14mmPerc: RuffleGlass Thickness: 5mmArtist: PoundsMade in China

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