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Roll-Uh-Bowl Big Rub Bong


100% BPA-free Grade VI Healthcare Silicone and Dishwasher safe! Height: 12.00"Base: 2.75" (suction cup) Slide: 9mm stainless steel king-size eject-a-bowlPerc: Diffused DownstemArtist: Roll-Uh-BowlMade In Massachusetts
Roll-Uh-Bowl Replacement Bowl And Downstem - Assorted Colors


• 3.65" long (1.85" from bottom to rubber stopper)• Spring-loaded, self-cleaning function• Anodized aluminum in assorted colors
Roll-Uh-Bowl Water Pipe - Orange Sherburnt

$34.95 $29.95

Roll-Uh-Bowl Water Pipe - BlackRoll-uh-Bowl™ is a Patent Pending on-the-go, palm-size, self-contained water pipe. Just take the band off and your Roll-uh-Bowl™ springs into action…literally! Roll-uh-Bowl™ is the most compact, portable and durable water pipe on the market. With Roll-uh-Bowl,™ you get...Smoky Bubbles. Anywhere™Height: 8"Base: 1.5"Slide: 9mm Alloy Eject-a-bowlPerc: Diffused...

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